• The new generations seem to come with built-in photo editing knowledge. But if this is not your case, you will probably appreciate that Artificial Intelligence gives you a hand
  • These are some of the many free AI photo editors you can’t miss

If you read our articles you know that there are more and more free tools with Artificial Intelligence for daily use. There are various ways in which we can take advantage of these advances, but the most interesting are related to productivity, with achieving better results in more basic tasks that we usually do. You should try these AI photo editors if you want to know the potential of those technologies.

The fact is that the new generations seem to come with knowledge in photo editing that has always been incorporated. But if it is not your case, probably you will appreciate that Artificial Intelligence can give you a hand.

10 Free AI Photo Editors You Can’t Miss

google photos (official Web)

At the time we dedicated an analysis to how Google integrates Artificial Intelligence algorithms in Google Photos. This giant does it with a double objective: revolutionize image editing and combat misinformation. Obviously, its main advantage is that most users already have it installed on their mobiles.

autoenhance.ai (official Web)

Autoenhance.ai is another free tool worth considering. One notable thing is the replacement of the sky. Even in bad weather, you can save your shots by using sky effects to make it look like it was sunny. Perhaps the most surprising thing is, however, that it makes the edits automatically, as if it were aware of what changes are needed to make that photograph close to a professional one.

generated.photos (official Web)

As the name suggests, it is a great option for those who want to boost creative work using AI-generated images. That is, you completely forget about royalties and infringement claims.

pixlr (official Web)

Pixlr is among the most recommended AI photo editors. You can make designs in your browser, desktop or phone, starting from a photo or from a video. It also has collages and animations.

photo (official Web)

Fotor has free features for editing, collaging, creating graphic layouts, and resizing images. In addition, Fotor Pro is the paid level that allows access to effects and filters, which makes it one of the best alternatives currently available. It is available for iOS and Android, and has several interesting tutorials.

Hot Pot Tools (official Web)

Hotpot tools are free and can be integrated into a web page via the Hotpot API. Absolutely useful for the design and edition of graphics, many other essential services are not missing.

lunapic (official Web)

Lunapic is an online photo editing app with artistic effects that you run as you see fit. Light level adjustments, GIF file creation and background modifications are some of its virtues.

IPiccy (official Web)

iPiccy is a program that is powered by Artificial Intelligence and is accessible online. Photos can be adjusted with a single click to improve and retouch them. Some of the main features include over 100 effects, graphic design functionalities, and a collage maker. Therefore it may be enough for your daily requirement.

YouCam Enhance (official Web)

The YouCam Enhance tool makes simple image touch-ups easy even though nothing else is downloaded to iPhone. That means that Android users have to use the web app. After you upload your images, it automatically adds a watermark to accompany your changes so you can tell the differences.

befunky (official Web)

BeFunky is the latest editor with free and paid levels. This is an ideal option for editing photos without storing the images online. With the free version you have access to just over 100 digital effects, including cropping and resizing, exposure adjustments, and effects. It complies with everything that can be required of it.


In the past, if you had to edit a photo or image, you needed various adjustments to get the desired results. The introduction of AI photo editors has been a game changer. Things are much easier and almost anything is possible. The fact that there are free AI photo editors makes things even better.

In some cases, no download is necessary. We can’t complain about the AI. not in this sense.

Have you ever tried a free AI photo editor? Of these, which one would you keep day by day?

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