How to choose the best affiliate network? Why is the involvement of an intermediary system so important in affiliate marketing?

Internet projects of well-known brands (for example, Ozon, Detsky Mir, MTS, Sopato, etc.) and niche products (travel agencies, business coaches, etc.) have their own referral programs. It is important to note that all such offers are very different in quality, scale, and reliability.

Affiliate networks are platforms created for ease of search and minimization of the risks of advertisers and partners. In the USA alone, there are more than 400 such aggregators, in India- more than 100. They unite hundreds of thousands of referral links of goods promoted by millions of webmasters.

By joining such a system, first of all, you reduce the risks associated with the dishonesty of the parties. Each site for finding suitable offers has a thematic directory of participants with a detailed description of all advertising and financial indicators, characteristics of promoted links, etc.

The main feature, for the sake of which advertisers are willing to pay fees, and webmasters to share commissions, is the ability to track in real time all the necessary statistics on visits to the site, actions taken and final sales.

Types of partner networks:

There are four main types of affiliate networks that differ in terms of how members are paid.

  • Payment for Sale (CPS = Cost per Sale). As soon as a visitor buys a referral product (books, clothes, electronics, flowers) or a service, the site owner will receive their commission on the sale. Online stores prefer to use this payment method.
  • Payment for action (CPA = Cost per Action). To receive a reward, a site visitor must take a specific action using the promoted link – register on the advertiser’s website, subscribe to the newsletter, etc. This method is popular among dating sites, online games, etc.
  • Pay per impression (CPV = Cost per View). Money is paid for clicks or displays of banners, with the aim of going through them to the advertiser’s website. It is actively used to display contextual advertising.
  • Pay per download (CPI = Cost per Install). If a visitor has downloaded an information product, a mobile application using your link, then the interest due to you will fall on your account.
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Depending on the type of programs, affiliate networks can be:

  • highly specialized (work only with information products, online games or banking products, for example)
  • general (work with any type of program).

How to choose the best affiliate network?                             

When deciding on joining an intermediary site, you should find out in as much detail as possible:

– service cost. Check what fees are provided in the system: monthly payments, registration fees, interest to webmasters, annual account renewal fee and others.

– the reputation of the aggregator. Choose platforms with a reliable reputation. Read the reviews of those who already use the services.

– tracking tools. Providing detailed statistics on visitor transitions is one of the key indicators of the aggregator’s quality.

– the number of products. Look for a network in which you see for yourself the optimal ratio of referral programs in terms of quantity and quality.

– withdrawal of funds. Immediately specify through which payment system you can withdraw funds, what is the minimum amount, payment terms, frequency, etc.

– technical support. The ability to quickly get advice on a problem that has arisen should not be underestimated.

Review of popular best affiliate networks

1. Admitad


Referral system: a two-tier program (this means the opportunity to earn a commission not only for the attracted customer who made a purchase, but also a certain percentage of the referral partner’s earnings), charges 5-10% of the income

Payouts: WebMoney, Paypal, bank transfer

Minimum withdrawal amount: $ 10 or RUB 300.

Type: CPA

Accepted traffic: CIS, RU, EU

One of the largest CPA sites on the Global Internet. More than 500 advertisers work with them in India, they are promoted by more than 200 thousand webmasters. It is considered one of the most convenient aggregators of affiliate offers. Offers are offered in the field of insurance & finance, Internet services, online stores, online games, software, travel.

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The following tools are available for webmasters: links, deep links, banners, rotator, coupon rotator, XML – unloading of goods and coupons, retargeting, etc.

– Convenient and simple interface quality programs large commissions for webmasters reliability multilingual
– Works with English and German language sites.
– Possible delays in payments due to non-payment of invoices by advertisers

2. Commission Junction


Referral system: two-tier program, charges 5% of income

Payouts: Bank transfer, check

Minimum withdrawal amount: $ 75

Type: CPA, Pay Per Call

Accepted traffic: US, EU

The most reputable, reliable and functional intermediary in the world. More than 1000 partner programs are offered in the field of business, education, finance, health, fitness, travel, food, etc. There are many well-known brands among the participants of the system.

Services provided: internal mail, statistics and reports, banner network, search engine, etc.

– Reliability Solutions that increase the efficiency of interaction between sellers and buyers.
– Flexible reporting system payment in foreign currency proven partners
– Mainly focused on a foreign audience, but there are also such partners whose services or products will be of interest to global users.

3. LinkShare


Referral system: one-level

Payouts: Bank Transfer

Minimum withdrawal amount: $ 50


Accepted traffic: US, EU

One of the best reseller brokers with over 1000 affiliate product offers. Provides a dedicated B2B communication solution. Advertisers such as Western Union, Sony Music, Avon cooperate with LinkShare. Webmasters are given access to internal mail, chat, etc.

– Detailed statistics system
– Fast servers
– Simple and user-friendly
– Interface payment in foreign currency
– Targeted at foreign audience

4. ClickBank: Best affiliate network for SAAS tools


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Referral system: single-level, from 7.5% of income

Payouts: Bank Transfer

Minimum withdrawal amount: $ 100

Type: CPD

Accepted traffic: RU, US, EU

ClickBank is rightfully considered the most respected platform: more than 12,000 advertisers and 100,000 active webmasters in 200 countries work with it. According to statistics, every 3 seconds in the world, something is sold using this system. The main feature of the aggregator is that it specializes only in online products. At the same time, it is also the highest-paid platform on the Internet. Sales commissions are up to 75% of the product value.

– High commissions on sales
– 60-day money-back guarantee
– The ability to create your own page
– Specialization only in digital products that can be downloaded

5. Associates


Referral system: one-level

Payments via: Bank Transfer

Minimum withdrawal amount: $ 10

Type: CPA

Accepted traffic: worldwide

Self-hosted platform from Amazon. The world’s largest online retailer has its own referral system – quite naturally – the most popular in the world. Amazon offers affiliates a commission of up to 10% on direct sales of items ranging from sports equipment to sunglasses.

– Reliability
– A huge assortment of
– Easy to manage income, payments and exchange rates
– Payment period can take up to 45 days
– Different commission for all products


Each program has its own advantages and disadvantages. After analyzing the best affiliate networks, we found out that Admitad and Commission Junction are the most attractive for work. The first one presents a wide selection of programs, and the second one contains a limited number of offers interested in selling on the global market.

Other intermediary sites continue to actively develop along with the market: functionality is expanding, traffic quality is improving, the number of advertisers and webmasters interested in cooperation is growing.

In any case, it is advisable to first test the capabilities of the systems you like, read reviews from other partners, see ratings, study instructions, and recommendations on the sites of the sites themselves, etc.

Thanks to partner networks, making money on the Internet has become more efficient for both advertisers and owners of websites and blogs. Explore the offers of various platforms, track offers, try new features – these steps will certainly lead you to success.

What is important to you when choosing a reseller network? What are you paying attention to? What aggregators have you tried with? Share your experience in the comments.

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