We loved Alexa thanks to Echo, the Bluetooth speaker that we can use to play music even to order fast food. But we are very sure that these 5 tricks great for you Alexa device, you did not know them. We are going to investigate a little more in each of these, which will be very useful to you.

The 5 best tricks for your Alexa device that you did not know

Create multiple profiles

This is a great thing, especially if we have children in the home. Alexa is capable of listening to anyone, but that doesn’t mean you have to treat them the same way. We can create several separate profiles for each person in our household.

Set up multiple accounts.

In this way, you can alternate between several, in this way we make sure that the music that is played, calendars, accounts, etc. Are appropriate for that particular user. It would be a kind of parental control or personalization.

The creation of new profiles has to be done by the owner of the device. We open the Alexa settings, click on the Home Profile and enter the account password. Next, we will have to make the other member log in using the same device and linking the accounts.

Protect our purchases

This is especially great for when we have children in the house. Ideally, set up a PIN code for online purchases, this way we make sure they don’t ask for anything they shouldn’t.

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In order to do this we will have to go to Settings and then we will go to Account Settings. Once we are here, we scroll down to Voice purchases in the Alexa app, we will add a pin in the “Require voice code” field. This procedure requires spoken commands to make a purchase, so we will have to make sure that the children do not know.

Create a custom routine

If we are from run the same group of commands in a row Wouldn’t it be ideal to create a routine to start the sequence only once and save time? We can do it in a simple way.

Create custom routine.

For this, click on “Routines” in the Alexa Account section of the Alexa app; then click on the “+” sign to start. We click on “When this happens” then we go to “When I say something” and we write the phrase to activate it. In this example we are using “Alexa, open the office” to set up a routine that will be run when we get to work.

We will save the phrase and then we will touch “Add action” and we will have to choose what is going to happen in the options News, Smart home, traffic and weather. In the accompanying image, we can see that we turn on two lights and ask Alexa to tell us how it is in the weather.

Music settings for multiple rooms

In case we have several Echo devices in our home, we can easily transmit a playlist or radio station to all of them at the same time. The first thing we have to do is put them all in groups. This can be done from Settings> Music in multiple rooms.

Configure multiple rooms.

We can create all the groups we want; the only thing we have to keep in mind is that each device can only appear in one group. This means that, for example, if we have two Echos below and two above, we can create a group called “Below” for the first ones and then we don’t add it to the “Whole House” group.

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We will configure the first group by clicking on the “+” sign on the devices page. Then we are going to “Configure music for several rooms” and we will have to assign a group name to it, we will also mark the check boxes of the devices that we want to be in the group.

If you want to play music on your downstairs Echo devices, we can say “Alexa put Kylie downstairs,” for example.

Connecting external devices

By now we all know that the Echo, Echo Plus, and Echo Show can stream music from various sources online. But perhaps you did not know that such devices can also be used as external speakers. This means that we can connect them, for example, directly on our mobile device.

To make this kind of connection, we will look for the Echo device in the Bluetooth menu of the mobile device or we will have to make the phone visible and say “Alexa, pair Bluetooth” or “Alexa, pair phone”.

After pairing the devices, we can use the voice commands that we always use: “play”, “pause”, “previous”, “next” and “volume”. If we want to close the connection we will say “Alexa, disconnect Bluetooth” or “Alexa, disconnect phone”.

As you can see, these tricks for your Alexa device are really useful and can make things much easier for you in various situations. Were they useful?

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