• Beyond its basic solutions, Amazon has capabilities you may not know about
  • What are the undisclosed options of this voice assistant and how to put them into action?

Amazon’s voice assistant needs no introduction, being one of the most popular along with Google’s, of course. Thanks to this, the various devices that allow you to control its characteristics are sold by the millions each year. But how can you not be getting the most out of them? We run through some of the Alexa features you should be using on your Amazon Echo, considering which are the most useful and least known..

The point is that Alexa can do for you smart home much more than you think, so it’s worth spending a few minutes, at least to check which of those functions could make your day a little easier.

Indispensable tricks to get the most out of Alexa

Manage it from your desktop or mobile

You can manage most Alexa features right from your desktop PC. Even from your iPhone or Android, configuring every aspect of its use from its official application. We recommend carrying out a small review of its uses as soon as you have installed it.

Prevents him from “waking up”

Although Alexa is constantly listening to the sounds of the house, in case she is ever needed, assuming you say Alexa out loud because your pet has that name, that can be a big problem.

On your Echo device press the Mic button, and Alexa will immediately stop responding to the activation protocol. Subsequently you can re-enable the activation protocol by pressing the Mic button again.

Change the wake word

You can easily change Alexa’s response name, for another of the words like Amazon, Echo, etc. Its creators intend that, as far as possible, each user gives it the name with which they feel most comfortable. When you want to make this modification, you have to go to the Alexa portal on a desktop PC and follow those steps.

speak faster or slower

Another of the functions of Alexa in Amazon Echo in which we can get our hands on is its conversation speed. Only you have to ask it “Alexa, speak slower” or “Alexa, speak faster” and it will obey your command.

This will allow you to listen to his words more carefully, or not take as long to hear them, depending on your preference.

Quick answers with short mode

Sometimes Alexa’s responses to your queries are too detailed and can be pointlessly long. Fortunately, there is a way around it and that is activating the brief mode, which shortens your answers. You can do it from its portal, and more specifically from Settings, Alexa Voice Responses.

Get traffic details

If you are going to be touring your city or another one you are visiting, you may want to review the route. From Settings, Traffic, within the Alexa portal, you will be able to know what the local traffic status is.

Multitasking thanks to routines

Alexa routines are essential if you want to go beyond the common use that most users give it. You can program the lights and other tasks for when you are away from home or do not want to be aware.

Alexa functions routines
From the Routines menu you can create as many as you want, subjecting them even to previous events

As a reminder app

Sometimes we are so busy that it is difficult to remember all the commitments we have made, and we can forget some. Running Alexa as a health or event reminder app is key.

You just have to tell Alexa that you want to receive a reminder, and it will notify you of it at the indicated time.

Updates in your absence

Alexa offers a security feature called Guard to help you control your home when you’re away. Detect anomalies such as broken glass or smoke alarms that are fired before a fire starts. You will then have a notification and an audio clip alerting you to it, so that you can take the necessary measures.

All this you can configure it from Settings, Guard, in this case in the Alexa mobile app. Eventually there is an improved service, called Guard Plus, which adds some other features.

as a bluetooth speaker

Of course, another of the recommended uses for smart speakers is the typical use of bluetooth speaker. Just send the music you’re listening to on Spotify or YouTube Music to these devices, and you’ll enjoy a much improved audio experience compared to the smartphone’s built-in speakers.

Saying “Alexa, pair” out loud will cause the sounds between both devices to sync.

What other Alexa features that you’ve discovered yourself that you think you can suggest to the rest of us?

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