• There are many options in the Office word processor, among them, it is possible to align part of a line in Word to the right for neater and more professional documents.
  • What are the recommended procedures to align part of the lines to the right?

Despite the fact that most users use it in a rather basic way, there are many options in the Office word processor and among them, it is possible to align part of a line in Word to the right. It may not be necessary in all your documents, but you should know how to do it from time to time. You’ll find that you can align lines in Word in a variety of ways, depending on your goal at the time.

In this article, we are going to discuss how you can align part of the line to the left and part to the right. Thanks to that, you will improve the formats that you offer to your audience, and it will give the feeling that you have more training.

Before that, we need to remember that Word has default alignment options for full lines. You can change the text alignment to Left, Right, Centered and Justified. The basic alternatives.

Now regardless of that, this software will also let you create a dual lineup on one line. That said, to do it things are not so obvious because the option does not appear next to those mentioned.

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So you can align part of a line to the right in Word

Let’s see then what are the tabulation procedures for right alignment. Of course, we assume that your default text alignment is left, as is almost always the case.

Using the right tab function

The first method that you are going to advise will depend on whether you have the rule activated in Word. Surely so. But, If you do not have it activated, the first step will be to check the rule box in the View menu to enable it.

  1. Locate the tab symbol on the left side of the ruler; it will look like a baseball base or the letter L
  2. Click on the tab symbol until you see a shape like the letter L in a mirror -right tab-
  3. Once the tab stop is found, double click on the right edge of the white section to activate the tab stop
  4. In the top ruler, click on the right edge of the white section to place the tab stop
  5. Start typing, press Tab on your keyboard and watch the cursor jump to the right

When you press Tab, the text you type will complete from right to left instead of from left to right.

Configuring the tab function for right alignment

On the other hand, you can set the tab alignment through the menuand it is a more convenient output because does not force you to click on an exact point of the rule as in the second step of the previous method.

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Of course, we suggest that you previously make sure you know the position of the right margin of the document. Visualizing it is easy, since it is on the right side of the top ruler. If the rule is not there, you must activate it.

  1. On a blank line of your document, go to the Home tab
  2. Enter the Paragraph menu and go to Tabs
  3. You will notice that there are various options for tab customization
  4. Under Tab position, enter the precise value of the right margin location that you want
  5. Under Alignment, select Right and then click OK

In case you didn’t catch what you just did, by entering the location of the right margin, you’ve just set that tab to automatically stay on the right edge of the document. That means that once you press Tab on your keyboard, the cursor will jump to the right. Meanwhile, if you select the Right alignment, the text will quickly fill from right to left. Not in reverse order, you will be able to read the text easily.


With all the formatting options Word offers, it would be a shame not to take advantage of useful tools like tabs. Now that you know how to partially align lines of text to the right, your documents will look much neater and more professional. That could give you great benefits at study or work.

Have you been able to partially align a line to the right in Word? Do you use it in your documents?

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