It is not at all strange that a screen of Amazon Fire TV Stick stay stuck with the Zoom. This function allows us to enlarge a part of the screen so that we can appreciate text more easily and clearly. What would need to happen is that once we zoom in and read the text, we can go back to the normal screen size. However, sometimes it doesn’t happen and you get stuck. No need to worry, it’s easy to fix this problem.

Fix: Amazon Fire TV Stick stuck with Zoom

Personally, this has never happened to us at any time. Although we have acquaintances who have suffered from time to time. Luckily, it is not something difficult to solve.

If we press Back and Fast Forward on the Amazon Fire Stick remote for about five seconds, we can enable Screen Magnifier. If we keep Back and Fast Forward pressed again, we can deactivate it.

We’ll press Menu and Fast Forward to zoom in and Menu and Rewind to zoom out, it all seems pretty simple.

However, if none of the combinations that we discussed above work, then we are going to have to proceed to try the following solutions.

Alternative key combination

As we discussed earlier, the combination is Menu and Fast Forward to zoom in; Menu and Rewind to zoom out, or Menu and Play to turn Screen Magnification on or off. In the event that any of these combinations does not work, we will have to try another. The idea is to hold the keys down for 10 seconds to see if anything changes.

Disable screen magnifier

In case we do not need virtual assistance, we can deactivate the function from the Settings menu. Once we do that, the screen should return to its normal resolution.

For this, we are going to have to go to Settings and Accessibility from Amazon Fire Stick and we will deactivate the Magnifying Glass on the screen.

Restart the Amazon Fire Stick stuck in the zoom

Restart Amazon Fire TV Stick.

In case the previous methods did not work to remove the Zoom from FireStick, we will have to restart it or remove it from the TV to reset it. We will leave it for a minute and then we will connect it to the television again. We will wait another minute for it to turn on and see if the screen returns to normal. This should leave the screen as usual without any kind of Zoom; then we can enable or disable the Magnifying Glass.

Check TV and apps on Amazon Firestick

It may seem too obvious. However, many times the problem is not the Amazon Fire Stick, but rather the fact that various smart TVs have Zoom capabilities. So, if our television has such a function, we will have to verify it.

There is a simple way to find out if the Zoom is from our Fire Stick or from the television. When we Zoom from the Fire Stick, we will see an orange border, this is designed to let us know that we are Zooming in a specific area. In case we have the Zoom activated, but we do not see this border, then it is not a problem with Amazon Fire Stick.

Calibrate the screen

If after trying all the above methods we can not remove the Zoom, then we should try to calibrate the screen.


In order to calibrate the screen we will begin by going to the Settings menu on our Amazon Fire Stick.

Screen and sounds.

Here we are going to go to Display and sounds. Next, we will have to click on Calibrate screen. We will follow the instructions on the screen and click on Accept when finished.

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