• Do you see the message “Another account in your organization is already signed in on this PC” when you activate Office 365?
  • Some users report this problem when trying to register Microsoft 365 and its applications
  • What are the steps to follow to get rid of this message and use such applications?

From time to time, Windows stuns us with some messages that appear on the computer screen. Messages that seem to be common on computers with this operating system but that we have never seen before. By case, If you get the message “Another account from your organization is already signed in on this PC”, you should follow some steps that we will tell you below to get rid of the indicated problem.

Basically, it is a Microsoft 365 Apps activation error, which indicates that some account previously logged in on the same computer, previously accessing the service based on subscription that allows users to enjoy different productivity and collaboration tools, such as Office.

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If nothing that we explain to you works, there is always the option of contacting Office 365 Support. Clarified this, we are confident that the next alternatives will allow you to skip the problem.

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Fix “Another account in your organization is already signed in on this PC”

To fix the error that causes the message “Another account in your organization is already signed in to this PC”, there are several things you can do and, as always, we recommend that you do them in the same order that we advise you.

Use Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant

Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant can help fix a variety of Windows problems. Start by running it from this link to rule out some minor drawbacks of Office 365.

Uninstall copies of Office

If you have multiple copies of Office installed on your computer, you’ll need to uninstall the others before activating this one.

Check Microsoft 365 subscription status

Then check the status of your Microsoft 365 subscription to make sure it’s still active. As long as it’s not like that, renew the membership from your Microsoft account page and, once renewed, go to Services and subscriptions and check the Office subscription status.

Disconnect work or school accounts

If you have a work or school account connected to the system, it could interfere with the correct installation. First disconnect your work or school accounts, and only then follow the steps to activate Office 365.

  • Press Win + I keys to open Settings
  • Go to Accounts, Sign in to work or school
  • If there is a working account, disconnect it and restart your PC before trying to activate Microsoft 365
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Temporarily disable third-party antivirus

If you have a third-party antivirus active, you should try your luck disabling it and trying to activate Microsoft 365. Many times, an antivirus may consider these programs dangerous and block themso turn it off, turn on Office 365, and immediately after reactivate the antivirus to stay calm.

Verify user licenses

You can assign or deallocate licenses for up to 20 users simultaneously from the licenses page. Eventually, some of the licenses might be unassigned, preventing you from moving forward..

  • Open the Microsoft 365 admin center, go to Users, Active users
  • Select the user you want to assign a license to and click Licenses & Apps
  • Check the licenses you want to assign, and click Save changes

Activate Office in clean boot mode

Third party apps installed on your device may be responsible for why this error occurs. Perform a clean boot to restrict all third-party applications. This is how you should do a clean boot.

Repair Office 365 online

If none of these steps can help you, consider repairing Office 365 online. It has served many.

  • Press Win + I keys to open Settings
  • Click on Apps, and Apps & features
  • Scroll down, and click on the Office product to repair
  • Once you have detected it, click on Online Repair and follow the instructions on the screen

Other frequently asked questions

Why does it say Microsoft account is already in use?

This error can mainly occur if another device is signed in with the same Microsoft account. We suggest clearing your browser’s cache because it can sometimes store wrong credentials.

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How to fix Microsoft account does not exist, please enter a different account?

The “Microsoft account does not exist” error message almost always appears if the user enters corrupted and/or incorrect login credentials. In order to solve it, reset your Microsoft account password.

Were you able to get rid of the “Another account in your organization is already signed in on this PC” message with this article?

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