• Along with Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, Google Pay is one of the main mobile payment apps
  • From this service we can pay with our debit and credit cards or PayPal account
  • How to set it up, how to add cards and accounts and where can it be used to pay?

In these times, practically all the big technology firms have their own payment services. In addition to the Apple and Samsung platforms, which we have already discussed, This basic guide on Google Pay will allow you to know some essential questions about one of today’s main payment applicationsthe most popular considering its close relationship with the Android operating system.

In general, Google Pay is a digital wallet and payment system developed by the Mountain View. Aims to make shopping easier for us by bringing together all our cards and bank accounts in a single systemtaking care of processing the payments, keeping the receipts in case they were needed at any time.

Although it obviously still makes more sense in the United States and a few other markets than in Spain, little by little we are seeing how Google Pay compatibility increases and here too it is interesting.

From its interface you can pay, send or request funds, view partner offers and track expenses

Frequently asked questions and answers about Google Pay

What is needed to set up Google Pay?

To start using Google Pay you will need a debit or credit card, a Google account, and a team with support for this service. The first is up to you, but the rest is done if you have an Android mobile. You can also use the app on iPhone as it is available for download on the App Store. Also, if you don’t have a bank account associated with a card, you can still add your PayPal account.

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How to add accounts to Google Pay?

When you open the Google Pay app for the first time, you’ll need to agree to a set of terms and conditions, along with Google’s privacy policy. By doing so, you will be taken to a login process after which you can add accounts. As we said, debit and credit cards and PayPal accounts are accepted.

First look at the app

As soon as we install it, we will notice that we have a wide variety of functions, which we can easily access from the main screen. First of all, with four buttons for functions related to payments, sending or requesting funds, viewing partner offers, and tracking spending.

At the top of the screen is the button for Ready to pay or Pay without contact, which allows us to make payments quickly, with the advantage that many readers do not even require us to enter the platform.

At the bottom of the screen are three icons. A label that shows the sponsored offers, an icon that takes us back to the main page of where we are, and a dollar that shows us spending perspectives.

basic guide google pay 2
Google Wallet is nothing more than the new name that those from Mountain View have given to the usual Google Pay

Where can I use Google Pay?

Of course, this basic guide to Google Pay could not be complete without focusing on the places that accept this payment method. Today, there are multiple stores that allow payments with this mass-produced tool. Google even adds the businesses that receive Google Pay to its website, so you can check them. You can meet them from this linkalthough Google tends to announce new alliances in style.

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Is it a secure service?

Financial security is a topic that interests an increasing number of people, so you’ll want to know if your money is protected by associating Google Pay with your different bank accounts or your PayPal profile.

In principle, Google protects our private information by sharing only temporary encrypted numbers, avoiding having to use the real card number with merchants. At least this is indicated from the signature itself.

Whenever you lose your phone, you can try to locate it using Google’s Find my Device feature from any computer. On that same computer you will be able to block the device, and delete its content in just a few seconds.

For the rest, from Settings, Privacy and data, Data and personalization, you can fully monitor all the details related to the security and privacy of Google Pay, to make the changes you want.

And what is Google Wallet?

Google Wallet is nothing more than the new name that those from Mountain View have given to the usual Google Pay. It has the same solutions as Pay, although it offers us other solutions, similar to those of Apple and Samsung.

What else would you like to know about Google Pay and how it works?

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