• We spend too much time on a file that ends up damaged or corrupted. Is all that work lost?
  • Luckily, there are several tools that allow us to repair and recover these damaged files, we even find online tools that allow us to do it in an automated way.

We are working on an Excel sheet for a while, the possibility of losing it is not something that we like too much, right? It is not too strange that Office files can get corrupted, but that does not mean that we have to lose all the work and time invested. exist tools That allow us repair Y recover damaged excel files.

Best Tools to Repair Corrupted Excel Files

Microsoft Excel repair function

The moment we try to open a damaged Excel file, the application starts the recovery mode or tries to repair the same. Although if the recovery mode does not start automatically, we can do it manually:

  • We will click File > Open, select the location of the damaged file.
  • In the window to select the file that we want to open, we will have to select the file in question, but we will not open it yet.
Repair files.
  • We’re going to click the arrow next to the Open button and then we’re going to choose Open and Repair. If we want to recover the data, we will select Repair.
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Recover data from a corrupt Excel file

In case an Excel sheet gets corrupted while we are working before it is saved, we can go back to the last saved version. For this we will follow these steps:

  • We open Excel and go to File > Open.
  • We will right-click on the name of the Excel sheet that we have already opened and choose Open a copy.

Now it will open without any changes that we had made. Something that we must consider is not to try to make the same changes, it is possible that these will damage the Excel file.

Online file repair service

Online File Repair

Repair damaged or corrupt Excel files online.

In case you are looking for an online Excel file repair tool. The most recommended is Online File Repairit is a reliable platform that will help us to recover the corrupt file.

However, it has certain limitations, the tool cannot recover Excel files that have: calculation settings, sort settings, merged cells, embedded objects, charts, notes, diagrams, hyperlinks, and data validation.

What it can do is recover the files that contain: cell data, table styles, formatting, fonts, sheets, pages, etc. It is compatible with all versions of Excel.

To use it, we only have to upload the file in question, provide our email identification and press next to start the process. We must also add that the application is not free, we will have to pay to use it.

Obviously, if our document is confidential, it is not recommended to use any kind of online application.

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Recovery Toolbox

Recovery Toolbox

We can also recommend Recovery Toolboxwhich is perfect for being able to recover damaged or corrupt Excel files.

The first thing we will do is upload the file in question, then we will enter our email and click Next. The tool will take care of processing the file automatically and will recover it. Then we can download it to our PC or mobile device.

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