Graphs and tables are an excellent example of assessing the quality or parameters of products. For this task, rating plugins have been created for WordPress. We will analyze the popular methods and show the best option.

Star rating plugins in posts

A popular method for determining the quality of the material is when the visitor himself puts the quality dimension, for example, in the form of a star rating. The method is not entirely intuitive because it is displayed finely, and you can make a click.

WP-Postraitings – Once the best plugin

WP-Postratings, 10 years ago, was the best in WordPress for introducing a rating function on a site of any complexity. You need to set up some points, copy the code, put it in the template, or use automatic integration.

  • Free.
  • There are 14 options for buttons. There are three types: we give a rating on a five-point scale, like or dislike, just a heart if you like.
  • Protection against sticking marks.
  • Ajax effect – can interact without reloading the browser.
  • Whether or not to include extended microdata.

On the last point – if there is a simple article site, then it is better not to include micro-markup because Google has stopped displaying it and gives an error when checking for validity. For all other resources, it is still supported by Google.

Site Reviews – Simple Star Display

Site Reviews has two parameters: the rating of the material, the formation of a text review. In general, it looks beautiful. There are no skins for the plugin’s design, so we are content with the standard theme, disable the classic styles (there are in the settings), and write the design ourselves.

The screenshot shows three different ways to demonstrate the capabilities of the tool. Out of the box, you can finely customize the processes to send an email when a new click or Review appears.

KK Star Ratings

KK Star is the smallest of the presented ones. It has a minimum of settings, which are quite enough. There is a module for the automatic placement of the rating block.

Five-Star Ratings Shortcode – Minimum Work Optimization

The previous challenger was smaller – I was cheating a little. The data on the number of positions of the change surpassed in the Five-Star Ratings Shortcode. Just a shortcode and changing its one parameter. Copy the shortcode, paste it directly into the template using PHP, or into each article separately.

Expert Review – the world’s complex of ranking to articles

An integrated approach is the Expert review plugin from WPShop, which includes many blocks for showing the author’s opinion with ratings and other additions. For more information about the plugin. But let’s go over the points that will allow us to insert the necessary sections on the site.

Lucky and dislikes

The rating can be considered not only any graphics, but also likes with dislikes. The visitor comes, clicks on the appropriate buttons, thereby creating his rating with other users. This is how they look in the articles.

There is a system of counting votes for commentators. You can express your positive or negative emotions to each message. No redirection occurs after clicking.

Chart and progress bar

The best thing that was thought up in this WordPress plugin for displaying an expert opinion is a diagram with a progress bar, visually showing the development of different directions.

The design, the number of points, the rest you see is easy to customize.

Pros and cons

There is another metric to show the rating from the author. This is to display the pros and cons of an object. For example, a product has disadvantages with advantages.

Other tools

The plugin is not limited to the features described earlier. It has many more exciting properties.

  1. Voting, polls – not inferior to individual representatives of this direction.
  2. FAQ is a modern technology that implements answers to constant questions from customers or just visitors. I note that there is a micro-markup.
  3. Questions and answers – a slightly different scheme of work than the FAQ. Please read about it on the plugin description page, link here.
  4. WordPress expert block – a beautiful inset section is inserted into posts and other entities, displaying a photo of an expert (not necessarily the author of the post), text, and a button with the ability to ask a person a question – very convenient when promoting a personal brand or blog.
  5. I advise you to read about another WordPress plugin called WPStories.

For all visitors to the page, I give out a 15% discount on the purchase. The plugin’s price is not high, but it becomes even more profitable with the promo, be on time. Perhaps a promotion will soon start. After clicking, you will be redirected to the store page, the discount is calculated automatically.

Rating to the WooCommerce plugin

WooCommerce has a built-in rating system that does not depend on the resource’s WordPress template. But it may not be activated in the settings. Go to WooCommerce – Settings – Products and mark the corresponding checkbox indicated in the screenshot.


Of course, I recommend the last option for WordPress because this way, you will get a universal plugin for many tasks, with the prospect of getting even more chips for free with updates, an addition to behavioral factors, and SEO.

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