• The doubt between connecting a conventional USB webcam to a PS4 or the official one is already historical
  • Sony puts obstacles for us to adopt third-party webcams connected to the console
  • A capture card may well be the solution, but it’s not always worth the investment

Although we have had access to its successor, the PlayStation 5, for several months now, not everyone is going for it. Many still feel comfortable with their previous PlayStation 4, and want to wait for the latest to drop a little in price – it just went up – before getting one. If this is your case, like others you may have wondered if you can use a webcam connected to your PS4, so we are going to analyze all the details about it.

There are so many myths going around in this regard, that most users are already very confused. Almost everyone asks about the possibility of using a webcam connected to their PlayStation 4especially since this would allow them to enjoy various functions that are not included by default in the console.

Unfortunately, the immediate answer we must give in this regard so as not to delude anyone is no, so far it is not possible to use a conventional webcam on a PS4, something that we believe will never happen but that, if it does, it will be only when the PS5 and its games have been around for years and its predecessor is already forgotten.

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Why won’t Sony let you use webcams on your PS4?

The inability to connect a webcam to the PlayStation 4 is not a whim of Sony, or depending on how you see it. The fact is that the executives of the Japanese firm decided in this way because they had thought, and they did, to launch a proprietary webcam as an accessory for the console, and of course they intend to sell that.

And to avoid the “cheat” of the clients, they incorporated a connector other than USB, which prevents any other type of webcam from PCs that we have at home, and that we may no longer use on the computer, from being able to connect. But in practice computer webcams are not compatible with the latest Sony console.

PlayStation and its relationship with webcams

Instead of adding support for third-party USB cameras, Sony has tried to make its cameras a must-have peripheral. And it is not a new effort, since It tries since it presented the EyeToy for PlayStation 2.

As you’ve probably noticed if you’re a PlayStation console user, neither was indispensable. It was only in 2010 that the cameras gained some ground, with the launch of PlayStation Move, marketing approximately 15 million Moves that also did not succeed due to the few games that were worth it.

ps4 webcam 2
We only recommend the Sony camera if you want to play games, but not broadcast

At the time of the PS4’s arrival, Twitch and other streaming services were starting to catch on. Until that point, PlayStation had yet to add USB webcam support, leaving streamers with two options: use the PlayStation camera connected to an auxiliary or a capture card. Probably PlayStation Camera was an interesting alternative, and it quickly sold out,

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Within that family, the newest model offers a 1280×800 resolution at 60 frames per second (FPS), and the double lens designed for Move games. With a built-in microphone, it’s a great way out if you need a PS4 webcam. But it doesn’t have background blurring or low-light correction like some webcams.

The arrival of PS5 and the decline of PS4 accessories

Having said all of the above, we can’t help but clarify that since the arrival of PS4, getting PS4 accessories has become a complicated task. These peripherals, including the official Sony camera, are hard to come by. Whenever you are interested in this equipment, we recommend that you acquire it as soon as possible, so as not to run out of it.

If you’re going professional, then you might want to make a small investment in a capture card. Mostly streamers go for them because they can use their own webcams, better.

Keep in mind that, unlike Sony’s webcam, third-party webcams are designed to capture and record video. We only recommend the Sony camera if you want to play games, but not broadcast.


In summary, you cannot use a webcam on your PS4 via USB, unless you have a card reader. However, you have to think very well what use you want to give it, to choose the card or go for the official camera.

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