• Indeed, it is possible to download the APKs and not only the applications from the Play Store
  • For that you will need a web tool that is responsible for creating download links
  • What are the services to extract APKs on Windows and Android and how to do it?

In general, we are used to thinking that the APK files that may interest us are not in the Play Store. On the contrary, the belief is that we resort to this solution when we want to install an application that is not available in the official Google store for Android. That’s why, There are many users who wonder if, beyond the repositories, APKs can be downloaded from the Play Store. In this article we answer it.

The first thing you should know is that, indeed, you can download the APKs and not the applications from the Play Store. For that you will need a web tool that takes care of creating download or extraction links.

We insist that this procedure is not the most common in the world, but if you have a friend unable to access the Play Store or some exceptional problem, downloading an APK from the Google store could help you.

How to download an APK from Play Store on your PC?

As we said, there are web tools that produce APK files to download from a URL obtained directly from the Google Play Store. The files are official and completely reliable, of course.

  1. Find the URL of the app in question within the Play Store
  2. Enter the website apkcombo in the browser
  3. Paste the URL copied from the app store
  4. Select a device type from the Device menu, an architecture, and an Android version
  5. Once you have configured everything, click on Generate download link

Automatically, the download link will appear below and you have to press the down arrow icon. You will download the APK file like any other file on your PCand you can share it with whoever you want.

How to download an APK from Play Store on Android?

On Android, things are quite similar, except that we are going to require a specific application for it.

  1. Download the App APK Extractor & Analyzer application from this link which leads to the play store
  2. Once installed, open the app and you will see all the ones installed on your device
  3. Filter to find the app whose APK you want to download
  4. Tap Extract App in the menu
  5. The file manager will open, so choose where to download the APK and confirm with Save

Download APKs from an alternative store, the last option

Considering that the Play Store does not allow us to download APK files directly, you may prefer to use a third-party or alternative app store to get those files without going through the above tutorial. It’s all up to you though you should be careful with third-party stores that you trust.

At the time, we show you how to install Google Play on Amazon Fire, another interesting solution.

Then, there are portals that we can recommend such as APKMirror, whose files are completely safe.

How to install those APKs on your Android?

Regardless of where you downloaded or downloaded those APKs from, you’ll want to know how to install them on Android. It’s very easy to do though. you may have to grant some permissions before you can install them. Normally, Android asks for those permissions for Unknown Sources or Origins once, no more.

For the rest, just open the APK file and let Android, given the permissions, take care of everything. It will take a few seconds for the installation process to finish. When it is ready, an icon of the app will appear among all the ones you already have installed, so there will be no difference in the use of these with the ones you had.

Have you tried downloading an APK from the Play Store? How has your experience been when installing that application?

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