In these times, privacy is very important and knowing exactly which applications or websites know our location is essential. In this article, we are going to see a simple guide to verify what websites may to access to our Location from Microsoft Edge either on Windows or Android.

Check which websites can access my location from Windows

We open Microsoft Edge and go to the three points that are in the upper right part of the screen.

A new menu is displayed with several options, the one that interests us is the one that says “Configuration”.

In the configuration page, we go to the left sidebar and we are going to click on “Cookies and site permissions”.

In this section we will have to choose “Location”.

Delete sites that access my location in Edge.

Next, in the “Allow” section we can see a list of those websites that have permissions to know our location.

Preventing a website from accessing our location is very easy, we will simply have to click on the trash can icon on the right of the website.

In Chrome and Firefox you can do the same in a fairly similar way. But as you will see in Microsoft Edge for Windows it is very easy.

Check the websites that have access to my location from Android

We can also do this from Android, verify which websites have permissions to access the location on our mobile phone. To do this, we will have to start Edge on our device. At the bottom of the browser, we are going to click on the three ellipsis.

Once the menu appears, we are going to click on “Settings”.

Microsoft Edge Privacy and Security.

Here we will have to go to “Privacy and security”.


When we are in the “Privacy and security” screen, we are going to select “Website permissions”.

Edge location.

A new page opens and we will navigate until we reach “Location”.

Access Edge location.

In the “Allowed” section we will have a list of the different websites that can access the location in Edge.

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In order to prevent a specific website from having access to our location, we will have to click on said website and choose “Block” in the message that opens.

That would be all we have to do to prevent a website from accessing our location from the Microsoft Edge app on Android.

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