• At first glance, Chrome OS might seem like a somewhat limited operating system.
  • In a certain way it is, but it is possible to exploit it more if we use its command terminal
  • How to run this terminal and what are those commands you should be aware of?

For many users, Chromebooks from different manufacturers are an interesting bet for their day to day life. After all, there are people who don’t need the ultimate in power but instead prioritize a smooth experience. Assuming you own one of these, are a newbie, and want to get the most out of Chrome OS, I’m sure our guide to Crosh commands for your Chromebook will help you take advantage of it.

It is that although Chromebooks are not compatible with ePSA, and therefore do not allow us to go to a start menu like other operating systems, we have a built-in terminal, Crosh, which is an indispensable tool for those who want to go a little further and troubleshoot or configure the system.

Very similar in many ways to Linux Bash, Crosh has a simple interface based on certain commands. Of course you will have to learn them and the more you learn the better your mastery of this operating environment will be. Within this article, we will show you how to access the terminal and some of those essential commands.

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How to open Crosh terminal on Chromebook?

First things first, and we need to start by opening the Crosh terminal in Chrome OSbecause without doing this obviously you will not be able to execute any of the different commands to configure the operating system.

To open the Crosh terminal in Chrome OS, just open the Chrome browser and press Ctrl + Alt + T. Immediately the command terminal will appear before you, so let’s review some interesting.

CROSH Commands Chromebook 2

10 Crosh commands you should apply on your Chromebook

Run a Ping Test

Ping tests are an attractive functionality if what we want is to diagnose network problems. You will be able to know in a few seconds what is the speed of the traffic between your computer and the connected web server.

You have to type “ping [dominio]» and press the Enter key to do the test.

test your memory

Although there are third-party plugins that offer you device memory informationYou don’t depend on them. You can see more data from this command terminal if third-party apps don’t work for you.

You have to type “memory_test” and press the Enter key for it to give you memory information.

Change your mouse acceleration speed

If you want the mouse responds more quickly to the movements you printthis is the way to do it.

You have to type “xset m” and press the Enter key to modify this section of the configuration.

Change keyboard repeat rate

As in the previous case, you can change how fast the keyboard letter is repeated on the screen.

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You have to type “xset r” and press the Enter key to modify this section of the configuration.

Set up your modem

Modem performance is critical to almost everything we do on Chromebooks, so it needs to be up to the task. You can make sure that it is well configured and that it does not have any problems from the terminal.

You have to type “modem help” and press the Enter key to see the status of your computer’s modem.

Reinstall a previous version of Chrome OS

If a Chrome OS update is unstable or doesn’t feel good to you, you can always go back.

You have to type “rollback” and press the Enter key to do this sort of Chrome OS downgrade.

Stop any process

If you want to stop some of the processes that are running in the background, like Ping tests, there is a specific command that is made specifically for check what they are and consider them finished.

You have to type “Ctrl + C” and press the Enter key to make any process in Crosh stop.

Expand Task Manager

Most users don’t know it, but Chrome OS has a Task Manager like Windows. It aims, and succeeds, to teach you the processes that consume CPU and memory, and it is a good idea to review it.

But if the information it shows by default is not enough, you can also expand it a bit.

You have to type “top” and press Enter key to expand Task Manager.

manage the battery

Keeping track of battery usage lets us know if it’s in good condition or if it’s a bit damaged.

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Crosh helps you know precisely how much battery power your computer uses in the given time period.

You have to write “battery_test [tiempo en segundos]» and press the Enter key to do the test.

developer mode

Although you don’t have to be a developer to use Crosh, this mode enables three new commands. We are talking about shell, systrace and packet_capture, which increase the potential of Developer Mode.

Here are other Crosh commands on Chromebook.

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