• Some users comment that suddenly, and with no apparent explanation, Disney Plus looks dark
  • You may have also noticed that the details are less visible than the director must have intended.
  • Unfortunately, there is not a good compatibility between the Disney Plus app and HDR
  • What is the solution that you propose in a Reddit thread about this inconvenience?

From time to time certain strange anomalies occur in the applications that we use the most on a daily basis, for example those related to the most used streaming services. There are many users who comment that suddenly, and without an apparent explanation, Disney Plus looks dark, but what to do in such situations?


Basically, the comments indicate that while you are watching some content on Disney Plus, or prior to it, It’s all too dark to see anythingeven when there are no problems with the other apps.

There is an immediate solution which is what most of the victims of this inconvenience try, and it is directly associated with turn off Dolby Vision and turn off HDR in your cable box or TV settings menu.

The fact is that we cannot explain why Disney Plus does this as there is no specific cause. Clarified that, the good news is that there is a way to prevent erratic behavior of the application.

Everything you should know about this problem

While we all love HDR because it’s a step up from previous technologies, allowing you to enjoy movies, modern games, and TV shows in previously unimaginable quality, it seems that unfortunately there is not good compatibility between the Disney Plus app and HDR for now.

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Despite the fact that the system offers an additional dynamic range that is difficult to part with when we are used to it, with brighter and more beautiful colors and much more intense blacks, everything indicates that we will suffer problems every time we try to activate HDR on Disney Plusat least in Dolby Vision.

Disney Plus Dark 2

And if you are one of those who is suffering from this inconvenience, you have to take into account that you are not the only one.


We can take the example of The Mandalorian, set in scorching deserts and electrified spaceships that need the support of HDR to show off and are the first to reveal the darkness.

If, on the other hand, you are one of those who like gloomy series and movies, in which almost all the action takes place at night, all the more reason you will have noticed that the details are less visible than the director must have wanted.

And what is your solution, then?

As on more than one occasion, we can find the answer to the questions we ask ourselves on Reddit. According to one of the authors of TheVergethe almost absolute obscurity has nothing to do with a recent trend of film developers but with a curious quirk about how Disney Plus is passing Dolby Vision HDR through each decoder but that most users are not aware of.

Disney Plus Dark 3

Finding that HDR doesn’t make things brighter – or dimmer despite its acronym – you should try adjusting your device’s HDR settings so you can see all objects.

Disney Plus Dark 4

If you have any doubts about this, all you have to do is pause the playback and go back until you can see thumbnails appear similar to the slider in the image above. Assuming that the difference is big, it is certain that you will have to touch up the HDR of your television.

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Have you been able to get rid of the almost absolute obscurity of Disney Plus with this little trick?

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