• Microsoft has a whole list of codes related to possible failures during its use
  • The failure accompanied by the message The requested operation cannot be performed is one of them.
  • What are the steps to follow to solve the error 0x80030001 when copying files on your PC?

Microsoft’s operating system has a whole list of codes related to possible failures during its use. As we know, some are more common than others. And that the error message 0x80030001 appears when copying files is not strange at all, according to what we can read in forums and networks. What do you have to do to get rid of it? That is exactly what this article is about. learn how to get rid of error 0x80030001.

Almost always, the code in question goes accompanied by the message “The requested operation cannot be performed”. This is important because since many codes look similar to each other, it helps to distinguish the different errors. It also usually occurs when trying to import or export media between your PC and an external device.

An unexpected error is preventing you from copying the file. If you continue to receive this error, you can use the error code to find help with this problem.
Error 0x80030001: The requested operation cannot be performed.

What does error 0x80030001 mean?

The error code 0x80030001: The requested operation cannot be performed, Happens on Windows version 11 devices when transferring data from external storage peripheral to computer. This error could occur due to a damaged disk, permissions issues, or inability to access numerous files. Besides, it might affect you if you are looking for a file and you want to copy and paste it inside your own PC.

The first thing you have to do in these situations is to restart your PC, since many times that fixes everything. Anticipating that you can’t solve it that way, here are some other tricks you should consider.

error 0x80030001 copy files 2

How to solve this error?

Run Chkdsk on the hard drive

This is a must-have tool for hard drive troubleshooting, so read how to run Chkdsk.

Try to copy one file at a time

It then tries to copy one file at a time. That has helped some users to resolve the error.

As you know, you have to right click on the file, Copy, and then right click on the destination, Paste. Unfortunately, we have no idea why one file can be copied and pasted but not several, but we think that all these hints can be useful to reach a definitive conclusion or, rather, a temporary solution.

error 0x80030001 copy files copy from to a file

Copy the file directly from the folder

If you try to copy the files from the search function, the problem may affect you more often. Try to copy the files directly from the folder, for a more organic function within Windows.

  1. Navigate to the location of the file to be copied
  2. Select the file(s) to copy
  3. Press Ctrl + C to copy that or those files
  4. Navigate to the destination location and press Ctrl + V to paste them into it
error 0x80030001 copy files copy from folder

Make space using Disk Cleanup

If you don’t have enough storage space, you won’t be able to paste the files you just copied. Using the Disk Cleanup tool, you should be able to make room for the new files. There are other ways to free up disk space, but for most users the Cleanup will suffice.

  1. Find Disk Cleanup and open it
  2. Select the files you want to delete
  3. Confirm that you are going to carry out this action
  4. Click on Delete files to continue and customize the parts of the process that you want
  5. After a few seconds or a few minutes, depending on the case, the selected files will be deleted

We recommend, for example, deleting all but the most recent system restore points.

Perform the copy operation on a Clean Boot

We already taught you how to do a Clean Boot or Boot, and you should try what happens if you copy in that state. Avoiding the hassles of third-party apps and drivers, you may be able to just copy and paste. Eventually, that will mean that you have to rule out the cause of the problem one by one.

error 0x80030001 copy files clean boot

Other frequently asked questions

What is the error Cannot perform the requested operation?

Almost always, you will encounter the problem as a result of a damaged disk or defective files.

How to fix Windows Resource Protection if it failed to perform the operation?

To prevent Windows Resource Protection from being unable to perform the requested operation, you must first check whether the Module Installer service is running and run System File Checker. Doing it from the Windows Recovery Environment should fix the issues related to Windows Resource Protection. But if not, feel free to leave us a comment about it.

Have you managed to get rid of error 0x80030001 while copying files with this step by step? How did you get it?

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