• One of the reasons why Facebook has become such a giant is its registration process.
  • If you are using new devices, they will need to confirm that it is you who is accessing
  • What are the steps to follow to get this Facebook login approval?

If you’re trying to use this social platform, and suddenly you get a message asking for Facebook login approval, you probably want to know what it is and how to achieve it. Let’s see it in detail. It seems that this is an increasingly recurring “inconvenience” and related to the security of the service.


Basically, the problem is due to the fact that every time Facebook’s artificial intelligence algorithms suspect that someone outside your account is trying to break into it, they will ask you for extra information.

In some cases, users explain that when they try to use the network, they receive a previously unpublished message. This one says “login approval required”, and that’s where the questions about it begin.

Facebook login approval 2

What is Facebook login approval?

One of the reasons Facebook has become such a Silicon Valley juggernaut is its signup process. In general, registering and logging into Facebook is quite easy, since we only have to provide some essential information such as username, password and mobile phone number or email.

Once you’ve signed in to any computer, you’ll stay signed in unless you sign out. You will never need to provide the cited information againwhich means there won’t be any surprises.

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However, things change when you try to log in from a device that you have never used. You may see the message “We noticed a login from a browser, device, or location that you don’t normally use. We need to confirm that it was you before you can return to Facebook.”

Although the goal of it is to keep your account safe and secure, it can be quite frustrating.. Whenever you are in a bit of a hurry, you will see that message as an impediment to completing the task.

How to get login approval?

Sending a code to your email or phone

The easiest way out of the situation is to ask Facebook to send a code to the mail or phone. During the login process on the new device, one of the options that they will offer us will be precisely to receive this code through any of the ways that we have just mentioned.

Choose the phone number or email address to which the eight-digit code should be sent, copy and paste it in the space specially provided for it, which will allow you to enter your Facebook account in seconds.

approval login Facebook code

Asking your friends for help

If for some reason you do not have access to your phone number or email account directly linked to Facebook, the only alternative you will have is to ask several of your acquaintances for help.


Facebook makes it possible to regain access to the account by sending unique codes to three of your contacts. Of course, as before, you have to enter those three codes during the login process.

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In Choose an option, you have to select this formula, go to Ask your friends for help and then Continue. A new page will immediately open with a list of five of your randomly selected friends.

Ideally, you should contact them and tell them to go to facebook.com/recover from their browser. Once on the page, if they click on Help (your name) and follow the instructions, they will receive the code. Once the three codes in question have been obtained, Facebook will trust you and will allow you to use your account.

If everything is correct, you will see a notice indicating that it is, and you will be able to find all the elements of your profile.

approval login Facebook friends

Is it possible to skip this step?

If you want to find out if it is possible to skip this step, the answer is unfortunately there is no way to do it. Now, if you have not been a victim of it, there is an opportunity to never encounter said message.

It consists of enabling two-factor authentication on your account, something you can do by following these steps:

  • Open Facebook in your browser
  • Click on the avatar, in the upper right corner
  • Go to Settings and privacy, Settings, Security and login
  • You will see that there is a section dedicated to Two-Factor Authentication, so go edit it and customize it
  • Select your preferred authentication method for Facebook to verify it’s you.

With two-factor authentication enabled on your account, you’ll never go through those recovery messages again.

approval login Facebook double factor authentication


Facebook login approval is the feature designed to enhance account security. We know that it can be a bit annoying and, nevertheless, it is appreciated that it is there in the face of danger. Keep in mind that if someone else tries to access your account, it is very likely that this is what prevents it.

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The good thing is that there are ways to avoid this message, or skip them, and they are the ones we have discussed in this article. When these tricks don’t work, try clearing your Facebook cache or visiting the Facebook Help Center.

Have you managed to get rid of Facebook login approval messages?

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