• Have you ever wondered how you can find sellers by name on Amazon after buying from them?
  • No matter why you want to communicate with them, in this article you will discover how to do it
  • What are the steps to follow to find a seller on Amazon filtered by name?

Have you probably wondered how you can find sellers by name on Amazon after buying from them? You may want to make a claim or clear up a doubt regarding the purchased item. No matter why you want to communicate with them, in this article you will discover how to do it. And in a very easy and fast way.

We will tell you how to find an Amazon seller profile by name, as Amazon is one of the largest online marketplaces with millions of active sellers around the world and many of them can be confused. Whenever one doesn’t offer you a positive shopping experience, you may need to get in touch.

Why is it key to find sellers by name on Amazon?

When you search for a product or brand on Amazon, you may find multiple sellers selling the same item at different prices. Taking a look at the seller’s profile not only helps build the necessary trust while shopping online, but also the possibilities of receiving cheap and authentic products grow.

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A professional seller should have a brand image or logo and a detailed description of their profile. Also, you should have good grades. of those who have bought some of their products before.

You can view a seller’s profile to learn more about their business and the products they sell, but the funny thing is that there is no direct path to their account. You have to follow a series of steps that we are going to indicate.

Steps to Find Sellers by Name on Amazon

The good news is that these steps to find sellers by name on Amazon are very simple.

Sign in to your Amazon account

The first thing you have to do, obviously, is to enter amazon.com/amazon.in and click on Sign in. Within a few seconds of entering your login credentials, you should be logged in. Amazon may send a verification code to your phone number for security if you don’t really trust that computer from which you connect. Usually in the future it should not be necessary again.

find sellers name amazon 2

Search the product

Next, type your search keyword in the address bar at the top of the page. Select any of the results from the list of suggestions that appears as you specify your search.

find sellers name amazon 3

Go to the product page

At this point, Amazon will show you a range of products related to the query you just made. You only have to click on the desired product to go to the page that shows all its details.

find sellers name amazon 5

Click on the seller’s name to see their profile

On the right side of the page where the price of the product in question appears, you will see the “Sold by…” link. It should be located above the Add to Cart/Buy Now button. Click the link to go to their page.

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On this page, you will find details about the seller, customer feedback ratings and reviews, return and refund policies, shipping policies, and seller contact information. I mean, everything. Meanwhile, at the top of the page, you will find a link to visit the seller’s store.

find sellers name amazon 6

Other frequently asked questions

How to find someone’s Amazon page?

You can visit an Amazon seller’s store by visiting their profile. Click on the Seller Name, available on the product description page. You will automatically be redirected to their Amazon page.

In the upper left corner, under the seller’s name, you will see the link “Visit the store of…”. You just have to click on that link to access the seller’s page with all your data and information.

Where can you find the Amazon Seller ID?

The Seller ID is a series of letters and/or numbers that can be seen in the URL of each product that is published. If you are publishing yourself, you can see that set of letters and/or numbers behind “yo=”, or view it directly logging into your Seller Central account, under Settings, Account Information. As soon as you are logged in, tap on the merchant token in the merchant information section.

Have you managed to find sellers by name on Amazon? Why did you want to get that data?

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