When we try to connect to a PC remotely to a Windows 11 PC we can receive the authentication error 0x800706be. Basically, it would be that the remote desktop does not work. What can we do to solve this problem? We will see it below.

Fix authentication error 0x800706be in Windows

Initial Checklist

As it is an authentication error, we will have to perform some tasks from the following initial checklist; which would be the most basic possible solutions for the most normal underlying causes of this problem. After completing each of these tasks, we will have to check if the problem persists.

update windows

In the vast majority of cases, the problem may lie in the lack of a Windows update. Operating system updates are used to fix and prevent security issues and improve compatibility with features and programs. It would be normal to solve the errors we are experiencing.

Run an SFC scan

After checking if we have a system update available, what we will have to do is check if we have damaged system files. In these cases it is recommended to run an SFC scan to see the integrity of the system files. Windows will take care of scanning them all and those that are damaged will be replaced by a cached copy. In case the SFC scan fails, we will have to run a DISM scan; After completing it, we run the SFC scan.

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system restore

Obviously, we will have to have this function previously enabled. It is always recommended to have it because we can solve many problems that some changes to the system can cause quickly and easily.

A new user account

It would not be at all abnormal to have a corrupt user account, this can be due to a wide variety of reasons. This includes an abnormal or unexpected shutdown, which would be one of the most common things. There are many others, but the idea would be to check if the problem is the user and for this we will have to create a new account and log in with it. In case the problem does not occur again, then it means that we will have to fix the corrupted user.

Remove all options and re-enable them

When we start the remote desktop client, we will have to click on the Show options dropdown menu and then we will uncheck all in the General, Display, Local Resources and Experience tabs. After doing this, we will have to connect to the remote computer and after establishing a remote session, we will be able to enable all the options when necessary.

Download the Microsoft Remote Desktop app to avoid authentication error 0x800706be

An alternative solution would be to download the application Microsoft Remote Desktop from the Microsoft Store instead of using the default Windows remote desktop client.

Despite the fact that many users have reported that this fixed the problem, another problem arises, what would it be? Basically, the app is not a solution for full daily use due to the few options it has.

Disable Remote Desktop Connection with Network Level Authentication

Network Layer Authentication (NLA) is a feature of Remote Desktop Services or Remote Desktop Connection. This requires the connecting user to authenticate themselves before they can make a connection to the server. This is a very important feature for secure RDP connections because NLA is the way Windows authenticates remote desktop clients and servers before sending credentials.

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But let’s pretend that we trust the host to which we will connect, then we can disable it without any kind of problem and for this we will do the following:

  • We open Control Panel.
  • We go to Security and system.
  • Now we are going to Allow remote access.
  • We look for the Remote tab.
  • We will mark the option Allow remote assistance connections to this computer.
  • In the Remote Desktop section of the page, we will have to select the radio button for the Allow remote connections to this computer option.
  • Next, we’re going to need to uncheck the Only allow connections from computers running Remote Desktop with Network Level Authentication (recommended) option.
  • To finish, we click Apply and then OK and the changes will be saved.

Enable remote desktop without password

By default, every Windows user has to set a password in order to log in and use the native Remote Desktop feature in Windows. Considering that the error is RDP authentication which was most likely generated by trying to connect and log in remotely via Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) with a user account without a configured password or username with a blank password. What we can do is the following:

  • We will set a password for the user account that needs to remotely log in to a computer via Remote Desktop.
  • In case we can’t assign a password to the user account, we will have to enable and use remote desktop without a password.

Delete Credential Manager credentials

Credential Manager allows us to see and delete the saved credentials to log in to websites, applications, etc. Ideally, we should not delete these saved credentials. However, as with any other kind of cached data, it is possible for it to get corrupted and errors start. Which will lead to problematic authentication as we are experiencing now.

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In this case, what we will have to do is delete all the credentials in Credential Manager. This will wipe all data and start fresh again, which will rebuild the credentials cache without errors.

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