An application that comes pre-installed on Windows 11 and that many of us frequently use is the calculatoralthough when it does not work headaches begin. This is a valuable tool that offers two modes: basic and advanced, which makes it a considerably essential app to complete different tasks. Includes as a scientist, graphic and programmer.

However, nothing is perfect, even this application and for different reasons it may stop working or some of its functions itself. If we find ourselves in trouble using it, in this article we are going to find several solutions and we believe that some of them will be very useful.

Windows 11 calculator not working

Reset or repair the Calculator app


Press the Windows key or click the Start button and choose Settings.


When the Settings window opens, we will have to go to Applications in the left sidebar and from the right panel we will click on Installed Applications.

Advanced Options.

We will write calculator in the search bar at the top. After this, we are going to click on the three-point button on the right side of the app we are looking for and choose Advanced Options.

How to fix calculator not working Windows

We scroll down the page until we find the Reset options, here we can choose Repair or Reset. We recommend first using the Repair option and following the instructions. If we are not successful, there will be no choice but to Reset.

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update the app

For this we are going to have to open the Microsoft Store from the icon that appears on the taskbar. In case of not seeing it, we will have to press Start and look for it among the applications.

Once the store opens, we’ll click Library in the bottom left corner of the sidebar.

When the Library section opens, we will have to locate the Get updates button that is in the upper right corner. In this way, all the apps that we have installed will be updated. If the Calculator app needs an update, that will be applied as well.

Use the Windows Store apps troubleshooter

Windows settings.

We will press the Windows key and choose Settings. Alternatively, we can use the keyboard shortcut to quickly access the Settings options of the operating system by pressing Windows + i.

Problem solver.

Here we are going to have to choose System in the left sidebar. On the right side, we scroll until we find the Troubleshoot option.

Problem solver.

We will choose Other Troubleshooters.

Fix: Calculator not working Windows

We scroll down and when we find Microsoft Store Apps we will have to click on the Run button.

The Microsoft Store troubleshooter will open, which will take care of finding what the problem is and will proceed to try to solve it.

Update the operating system to fix the problem that the calculator does not work

Obviously, it is very important to keep our operating system updated. Not only to avoid problems with applications as in this case. Also for security and privacy reasons.

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We will open Settings by pressing Windows + i, we choose Windows Update in the left sidebar and then we will click Check for updates. We also recommend installing optional updates.

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