We cannot deny that it is one of the most addictive battle royales of all time and that to this day it is still one of the most popular and played around the world. Something that is essential in this kind of game is being able to play with friends. The problem appears when we are surprised by the mistake in Fortnite where can’t join the party How can we solve it? We will show it to you a little further down.

Fix Fortnite error cannot join the party

restart the game

One of the simplest solutions that can help us in any kind of issue including Fortnite unable to join party error is to simply restart the game including the PC. Although it seems too simple to be true, in too many occasions with the simple act of restarting the PC or in this case, the game, most of the errors disappear.

Allow cross-platform parties

Many people see a “Party is restricted between platforms” message when trying to join one. In reality, it is that the players do not have the function enabled. The first thing will be to have the latest version of the game installed on our device, in the same way, the other people who will join must also have the latest version. After this we are going to go to the Game Settings and go down to Control Options, now we activate Allow cross-platform parties and that’s it.

Check the status of our connection

Something else we should check is the internet connection. It is possible to use any online service that helps us check the speed of our connection. If the bandwidth is too low, then we will have to restart the router or modem to see if it fixes it. In case this does not happen, we will have no choice but to contact our ISP (internet service provider) to help us solve it.

privacy change

The host has to change the privacy of the game to private. Therefore, if we are the hosts, we will have to make the appropriate adjustments. For this we click on the three horizontal lines, choose Privacy and change it to Private.

Join through Epic Games

In case none of the above worked, there is one last option available. We can add our friends to play to the Epic Games friends list. Obviously, this is a temporary solution that will help us play with our friends until an update solves the problem.

For this we go to the Epic Games launcher, click on Friends and then on the person with the plus icon, now we can add our friends.

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