Google’s email service is one of the most used around the world. We cannot deny that it has many very interesting features that, on top of that, are free. Best of all is the perfect integration it has with other services of the internet giant. Although when they gmail buttons not workingit can become extremely annoying and we need a solution to this problem.

Gmail buttons not working, how to fix it?

Check Gmail servers

Check Google servers.

Before starting to make changes to our computer, we will have to verify if Google’s servers are working optimally. Any kind of inconvenience can occur from Google servers and this would prevent the buttons from working or being seen. So it is something that we must review and we can do from here.

Clear browser cache and cookies

Clear cache.

This error can appear thanks to some corrupted cache or cookies. In this case, it is best to clear the cache, in itself it is not a bad idea to delete them from time to time, they help us avoid any kind of error.

  • We click on the three dots icon in the upper right corner.
  • We go to More tools > Clear browsing data.
  • We will choose the time for which we want the data to be deleted, here it is best to select “All the time” and check the cookies and cache boxes.
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We click OK, restart the browser and we should not have to deal with the problem that the Gmail buttons do not work anymore.

Refresh the browser

Keeping the browser updated is essential for everything to work optimally. So we recommend visiting the official website of the browser we use and verify that there is no new version available. If we are using Microsoft Edge, we will have to do it directly from Windows Update.

try another browser

Sometimes the problem may not be the browser. How can we verify it? Trying Gmail in another browser. If the problem persists then it has nothing to do with the web browser. In case the problem disappears, we already know what is happening.

remove extensions

In case the problem is in the browser, the first thing we will have to do is eliminate its extensions. We can remove them all and test if it works. If so, we will have to activate one by one and try until we find the one that is causing problems.

Flush DNS

Command Prompt.

If the problem is not in the browser, we are left with the option of varying the DNS cache. For this we are going to press Start and write Command Prompt, we will have to run it as Administrator from the right panel.

Next, the CMD window will open and we are going to type the command “ipconfig /flushdns” without the quotes, we press enter and wait for the DNS cache to be cleared.

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