The Update KB5015878 for Windows 10 caused a series of sound bugs to many users who proceeded to install it. Microsoft shared workarounds for affected users and implemented an incident recovery system known as KIR to prevent the bug from spreading.

From the company, they claim that this error affects PCs in different ways. Several users see their computers being silenced completely, while others have problems with some ports, devices or very specific applications.

Microsoft states that it found that the affected audio driver has the audio enhancements setting disabled before update KB5015878 was installed, or that the device’s audio driver already had issues with the aforementioned feature.

To prevent this issue from affecting more users, Microsoft released a KIR system with the ability to undo changes that cause problems without users having to do much about it. However, the curious thing is that KIR only assures us that this error will not affect other computers. Those people who have sound errors after the KB5015878 update will have to apply one of the following solutions.

How to fix sound bugs thanks to update KB5015878

If we haven’t installed the KB5015878 update yet

In case we haven’t installed the update yet, we will have to update the audio device drivers manually. Ideally, proceed from the manufacturer’s website. In case you are using an application such as OBS or sound enhancements, we will have to make a backup of all the configurations before proceeding with the installation of the update.

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Some apps are affected due to sound errors from update KB5015878

  • We will have to verify that the audio device configured in the application is the one we want. After installing KB5015878 we can set the specific audio device as default in some applications.
  • In case the device of the app is as expected, then it is possible that the applications are caching the Windows Media Device ID (MMDevice). It is not recommended to store the MMDevice ID and it is possible that we will have to reinstall the application.

Problems in all applications

  • We’re going to have to try using the Windows Sound Troubleshooter, it might fix the problem quickly.
  • We can try disabling audio enhancements.

This KB5015878 update audio issue affects Windows 10 20H2, 21H1, and 21H2 users only. For those who are already using Windows 11, you don’t have to worry.

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