• Anyone with a business or company should have a presence on Facebook with their page
  • Setting a name for it is a simple process, which only takes a few seconds.
  • But what happens when a page is not eligible to have a specific username?

If you want your business to succeed on the Internet, you probably know that one of the easiest ways to transcend is on social networks, including Facebook, which controls everything related to advertising on these platforms. That being said, choosing a good username for your Facebook page is essential if you want to stand out. But things can get complicated. “This page is not eligible to have a username” is a very annoying Facebook error, which however has some solutions that we are going to know below.

As we explained, most of the administrators of enterprises or companies try to choose the name that best represents the services or products that they want to offer to their public, and They usually have no problem selecting the ones they are interested in, but from time to time this message may appear:

Username is not available: This page is not eligible to have a username

Whenever you run into this inconvenience, you do not need to despair, because there are several possible ways out.

How to avoid the ineligible page name error on Facebook?

If Facebook runs that annoying “This page is not eligible to have a username” message, it is most likely that you are not fulfilling any of the two essential requirements to be able to change it.

  • The page has to have at least 24 likes from different users
  • The page must have at least one publication made

As we said, it is practically a fact that the page will not be meeting those requirements because not all the owners of the same know them. But if you have already checked that, and if you are complying with them, you should do this:

  • Open Facebook like you normally do and go to the user page
  • Go to Manage Page, Settings and click Page Role
  • Assign a new page role to a trusted user with their Facebook ID or email
  • Confirm that you add him as an administrator by clicking on Add and carry out the relevant authentication

Why all that? Basically because one of the most efficient ways we have to get rid of the message is assign a new role within the page to a friend or colleague to assist you in its comprehensive management. He thinks it may be convenient to notify him first, so that he accepts the request immediately.

One of the ways to get rid of the message is to assign a new role within the page to a friend or colleague

Once your friend or colleague is an admin of the Page like you are, you can ask them to change their name. You have to follow these stepsso you can copy and paste them to pass them on, or guide it yourself.

  • Sign in with your Administrator account
  • Go to the page and click the button to create @username
  • You will see a window asking for the username, so type it
  • If everything is correct, the mark will turn green as you can see in the image
  • Click to confirm that this is the name you finally chose, and the page should change it

The most usual thing would be that the name of the Facebook page had already been changed, but if this is not the case, you should contact the Social Network Support to tell them what your problem is and hope that they will give you a hand.

Other frequently asked questions

Why can’t I set a username for a Facebook page?

If you cannot establish a name for the Facebook page you have, you may not be meeting any of the requirements that Meta -as the company is now called- requires us to take into account in these cases.

Remember that the page must have at least 24 likes from different users and one post made. There are also additional recommendations, such as having an active personal account and that it is 100% verified.

Assuming that you meet all these requirements, but still can’t give the page a new name, then check out the tricks we just showed you, as we are sure that some of them will work for you.

Why is my Facebook Business Page not eligible for a username?

You must make sure that the page name you are entering is not being used by another user. Along with the above conditions, it is essential that you determine a page name not yet used.

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