One of the most entertaining things about online multiplayer games is being able to talk to other people and share different unique moments while enjoying the game we like. The problem occurs when the voice chat not working in Call of Duty Modern Warfare or Warzone How can we solve it? It is something that we will see next.

Voice chat not working in Call of Duty Modern Warfare or Warzone

The first thing we will have to do is try some generic advice to try to solve this problem before moving on to more complex things. The problem may be with the microphone or headphones. Therefore, we must proceed with these methods that, perhaps, help us save a lot of time.

The first will be quite obvious, we will have to close and start the game again to verify that the voice chat works or not. The problem could be caused by a glitch in the game. So closing the game and reopening it should fix it. Another thing we can try is to log out of the game and log back in to check if the problem persists.

In case the previous solution did not work, we can also try restarting our computer or the console. Another thing we can try is to unplug the microphone and plug it into another USB port.

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We also run into the classic volume problem, a lot of people don’t know if they have the volume up or down, so that’s something to check. One more thing we need to test before we jump into more complicated stuff is to test if our microphone is working properly and not physically damaged. In this case, if we have another microphone or another device to test it on, we can remove the doubt.

Enable voice chat in Call of Duty

Enable voice chat.

Many users noticed that the issue was that the in-game voice chat option is not enabled. Precisely because of this problem is that they cannot access the voice chat. In this case, we are simply going to have to enable it.

What we will have to do is go to Options while we are in the game to be able to go to its configuration. Next, we’ll head over to Audio and set the value to Enabled.

If we have chosen Open Mic for the Voice Chat Recording Mode, we will need to make sure that the Open Mic Recording Threshold is set to a lower value. Setting the value too high could make other people unable to hear us.

If we have the voice chat recording mode set to Push to talk, we will have to know which button we will have to use to be able to speak freely.

Check default communication devices

Fix voice chat not working in Call of Duty.

On Windows PCs the sound settings could be causing one or another problem. It is possible that the microphone is not set as the default recording device in the sound options and that is precisely why voice chat does not work.

  • We will right click on the volume icon located on the taskbar, near the clock and choose Sound Settings.
  • We scroll down in this new window and go to More sound settings.
  • Now we will click on the Playback tab and we will choose the speakers/headphones that we are using and we will click on Set as default.
  • Next, we are going to go to the Recording tab, select the microphone that is active and do the same, Set as default.
  • After this we will have to disable all the devices that we are not using.
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Update audio drivers

Generally, most audio related problems are caused by faulty or too old drivers. Therefore, we will have to verify that these are updated. On several occasions we will have to install the drivers manually.

To do this, we are going to have to press Windows + i to access Settings, then we go to the Windows Update option. Now we will have to go to advanced options and click on Optional updates.

Here we will be able to view all the updates that are pending, including those related to audio, for example.

Install all pending updates on Windows

Windows needs to have all the updates installed to work properly, this also affects games like Modern Warfare or Warzone, so we will have to make sure we have the latest updates.

This is achieved in a simple way, we press Windows + i and go to Windows Update in the left sidebar. Once we are here, we will have to go to Check for updates and wait a bit. If pending updates are found, we will have to install them.

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