• You are probably wondering if Rage of Demon King gems are free as advertised
  • This exciting turn-based tactical role-playing game with a simple but colorful graphic style stands out for allowing access to gifts or gifts useful in its development. Which ones and how to get them?

Rage of Demon King is an exciting turn-based tactical RPG that, for those of you who don’t know, is the global version of Demon Slayer Mobile, a proposition that was hugely successful at the time. If you plan to play this game or are already playing it, you will have read or heard about the free gems in Rage of Demon King.

But, of course, there appear the doubts of the users. Even when there are gems in the game, which there are, you are probably wondering if they are free as advertised or if there is some cheat behind them.

In this article, we are going to try to solve all the doubts that there are about the gems in Rage of Demon King.

But first, what is Rage of Demon King about?

As we said, this is an exciting turn-based tactical RPG with a simple but colorful graphic style. It has quickly caught the attention of players for its simple mechanics and an attractive plot and that it is based on selecting the door to go through while the characters of the demon slayer squad take care almost exclusively of the rest. This, with a system of varied characters, and with unique abilities that catch.

An interesting part of Rage of Demon King is that it has given players free rewards in a simple way. They should only save the code page and check back every day to see if there is a new one. Now, while you wait for the new codes, you can access other really useful gifts or gifts.

While you are waiting for the next Rage of Demon King code, you may receive other presents. Scroll down to find out What are five of the functions that you can take advantage of? from the hand of its developers.

task function

Tasks include tasks that you need to complete in the game to get the rewards back after completing them. In the Tasks section, there will be different activities including Daily (daily missions), weekly (weekly), plot sections and challenging tasks below to get rewards.

item refill

The Recharge section is an item where you can receive rewards per day, week or month. Beyond the free bonus items, you’ll see bundled items that you can redeem at different points or prices if you’d like. Within the Recharge section, Giftpack is the only feature that you can take advantage of to receive free gifts.

summon characters

As soon as you enter the game, the developer will guide you to unlock your free character. In Summon, as that section is called, you will be able to unlock the character with the Summon 1 button. Once you have unlocked the item for free, you will receive a character that you can use throughout the game.

more servers

There is a section where you can get rewards in a row for eight days from the first login. In the Newbie Event and Newbie Shop sections, you can and will receive gifts for completing tasks or purchasing packs.

W card

In the Gifts section, you can select Sign in to receive gifts according to the days of attendance. Basically, the rewards you can get include gems, opening tickets, and character shards.


As you may have noticed, the possible rewards within this Rage of Demon King game are diverse.

It will depend on what you are looking for and what the title offers you, which in general provides very positive experiences in relation to free content. Only It remains to enjoy and hope that nothing changes.

What else would you like to know about free gems in Rage of Demon King? How have you been with them?

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