Looking for the best free themes for Elementor? Elementor is the best visual page editor plugin for WordPress. You can read our complete review here. Its application diversifies, simplifies customization of sites on WP without interfering with the code. You will get approximately the same approach to website design that the popular WYSIWYG designers use.

We have selected several free Free Themes for Elementor that work well with the plugin.

For most, WordPress is a universal engine. Almost all of its templates have their own panel for design customization, somewhere more powerful, somewhere simpler. But sometimes these capabilities are not enough, the developer wants to do something like that: typeset their layouts for displaying blog publications, storefront, forms, etc. There is no way to figure this out without interfering with the code. Or you can use Elementor, which will turn WP into a designer with a visual editor.

This approach avoids the complexity of coding, create truly unique layouts for any areas of the site. Elementor has built-in templates, but all the same, for starters, you need to select Free Themes for Elementor that will serve as the basis for the transformations. Many developers create templates compatible with popular plugins like WooCommerce, and Elementor was no exception. As an example, we have selected several designs that are great friends with the plugin.

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VW Kids ? Children?s Store Free Themes for Elementor

Free Themes for Elementor


Very juicy, beautiful, richly decorated template for the sale of goods for children. Bicycles, clothes, gifts, toys, furniture, shoes ? he will pull the creation of a children?s hypermarket with all categories of goods at once. The layout is adaptive and friendly with Elementor, WooCommerce, SEO-plugins and other useful ones. The colorful gamut perfectly suits the theme, the design does not look lurid ? on the contrary, it will be pleasant for parents to buy things for their children at such a site. Navigation is complicated, but understandable. There are a lot of blocks for the presentation of categories, products, banners for discounts, promotions, there are fields for brands, displaying the latest blog publications, sales and much more. Figured blocks, sliders, a hamburger menu, rounded elements, nicely styled icons, fun intelligible fonts ? everything looks great.

GTL Portfolio ? Portfolio Free Themes for Elementor


A nice looking template, on the basis of which you can put together a portfolio of a photographer, model, designer or someone else. Adaptive. The full-screen slider looks impressive and is able to convey the beauty of pictures, to impress with the scale of the artist?s skill. There are buttons in which you can attach, for example, links to categories. The menu is multilevel, collapses into a hamburger. The main page positions services, demonstrates an intelligible gallery, shows statistics of completed work and the creative team of the project. The footer is concise: social programs, take a menu, quick search. All elements are rectangular, which is quite combined with the photo display ? their frames are rarely rounded. Everything is designed in the same style. There are blank layout for the blog, page services and, of course, portfolio with categories. A simple, pleasant template that can emphasize the grace of content.

Sydney ? Business Free Themes for Elementor

Free Themes for Elementor


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Stylish adaptive template for business presentations by various agencies, freelancers, companies. In general, to promote office services. Officially recommended by the developers of Elementor. Calm gray-blue tones, red accents, large, well-readable fonts ? the style gives a serious impression, but without tediousness. A full-screen header with a service order button looks modern. The structure of the main page is standard, selling, verified over years of experience: services, advantages, examples of work, statistics, reviews, branding of partners ? all this works from time to time. It looks lively, clean. By the way, approximately the same sites are obtained in the uKit constructor ? if you like the template, you can cut the path by collecting a similar business site in the cloud service.

Futurio ? Universal Free Themes for Elementor


Spectacular responsive template that can be used for a blog, store, business website, portfolio. In the basic variation, one-page. The design is lightweight, loads quickly and at the same time looks impressive ? curved section borders, multiple animations, parallax, stylized graphic elements ? I want to consider this template, it?s interestingly made. With Elementor you can bring it to uniqueness. The layout has many varieties of demo content, including a bunch of free ones. He is friends with all the necessary plug-ins, SEO-optimized. It contains many built-in design settings, as well as an interface for convenient translation into other languages. Chips wagon and small trolley. We recommend you to pay attention ? the topic is elegant both in appearance and in capabilities.

Creativ Singer ? Musicians Free Themes for Elementor

Free Themes for Elementor


Cool adaptive template that conveys the atmosphere of a concert with a full hall. Only for musicians. You can make a presentation of the team, a store for the sale of compositions, a gallery and a blog with news and announcements. The design is characteristic: a dark substrate, juicy photos, bright pink accents. Night club, stage, jubilant fans ? the atmosphere is right. A multi-page template with a single-level hamburger menu. A bright slider presents events, a player with demo records will allow the audience to understand whether she wants to visit the next concert or not. Blog posts with announcements, vivid impressions, video recordings, galleries from events and the lives of musicians, albums ? there is everything that a potential audience needs. There are many sections, as well as design/structure settings. Great template in its niche.

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Conclusions and Recommendations: Free Themes for Elementor

A lot of WordPress Free Themes are compatible with Elementor. Using the plugin will allow you to move away from the stock presentation of content while maintaining the basic advantages of the original layouts. All this does not require coding, it is possible to work according to the same scheme that has become familiar thanks to designers with a visual editor. Thus, both beginners and experienced developers have access to technically easy to implement a customization of designs to a truly unique level. You can test the possibilities on any template from the examples ? the plugin is basically free.

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