• If you are a creator, you will probably need to control more than one Instagram account on your mobile
  • There are various solutions to recommend, and one of the most recommended is Circleboom
  • What are its benefits and how to sync your Instagram accounts to Circleboom?

If you are a content creator or have a startup, you probably want and need to control more than one Instagram account on your mobile. This is a more common problem than you might imagine, and it is because the Facebook system for this social network is not so intuitive. As there are many users who want to know everything about having multiple Instagram accounts, in this article we offer you a definitive guide on the matter..

The thing is, Instagram is undoubtedly one of the biggest social media platforms going into 2023. Basically, we no longer ask people if they have a profile there but rather how many active profiles they have.

But how to manage multiple Instagram accounts?

Of course, if until now you have not managed to reach that point, or have not even considered it, you should know how the programming tools for social networks work, your best allies for this unique objective. There are several solutions that we could recommend, and one of the most advisable is Circleboom.

It is a web service that will allow you to schedule posts on Instagram but also on Twitter, Facebook and they have even anticipated that they will soon add support for TikTok due to the high demand from those who are already their customers.

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In short, with this platform you forget about the hassle of constantly switching between accounts. Those who already have more than one Instagram account will know that there is a risk of posting on the wrong profile.

Circle Boom Features

With Circleboom you will be able to create common publications, carousels and Reels, loading contents from your folders. Can queue or schedule posts to go on vacation without being aware of work. In addition, it is noteworthy that it does not have account limits, so you can have them all in a single space.

It also offers you pre-designed templates to make your tasks easier, with automatically adjusted dimensions. Add subtitles to give your stories a personal touch and position hashtags relevant to your topic.

Create a Circleboom account and get started with it

Regardless of the number of Instagram accounts you have to manage, you will surely find a Circleboom plan that fits your needs. On the other hand, you can sign up for free and try it for a couple of weeks to see if it convinces you. Enough time to find out if it’s the right one.

  1. Go to the official Circleboom website at this link
  2. Go to Get started, in the upper right corner
  3. Select Post, for the social media tool
  4. Complete the fields that it asks for and then press Create an account

Connect your Instagram accounts

In order to connect your Instagram accounts with Circleboom, these should be commercial/professional. They have to be connected to a Facebook account. If you meet both requirements, follow these steps:

  1. In Circleboom, click Instagram on the home page
  2. Press the button Authenticate with Facebook in all accounts
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start posting

Once you’ve linked your business or professional accounts with Circleboom, you’ll be able to post directly there. From the control panel of this platform, Go to Create New Post, select the account and proceed.

Note that you can style your posts with the tool’s built-in editor, which works well. Only when the design is finished share the posts with your followers or leave it programmed.

Now, to fight with the algorithm

Understanding the algorithms in applications like TikTok or Instagram not only takes time, but they are constantly being updated, so what works today may not work tomorrow. The best thing is to be aware of what new products are appearing on the market, analyzing what works for you and what seems to work for others.

In any case, Circleboom represents an instrument that will make your work much easier in the meantime. You will become someone much more productive, whether you have a business or manage the accounts of five or ten.

Do you have several Instagram accounts under your control? Do you use a service that makes things easier for you?

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