One of the wonders of Snapchat is how it has managed to get its users to interact more with the platform and this is largely thanks to the scores. But many people want to know excuse me I know calculate the punctuation from Snapchat. The social media platform has not communicated exactly how it manages to calculate this score.

However, after several experiments and community tests, it was possible to reach a conclusion or at least an idea of ​​what affects the score to a large extent.

How Snapchat Score Is Calculated

Many people have tried to figure out how the social network works to understand how Snapchat activity affects them. Many have managed to find one or another point that affects this score. However, many of them have not been confirmed by the company either.

  • Snap sent and received: In this case, Snapchat has already confirmed that these basic functions do affect the score.
  • Added users: it is believed that the more users you follow and the more users follow you, the better your score will be.
  • Frequency of use: somehow the frequency with which we enter Snapchat affects the final score.
  • Duration of SnapStreaks: It is possible to have SnapStreak with friends, sent and received snapshots for several consecutive days.
  • Posted Stories – How often we decide to share a story.
  • Bonus points for returning: there are many people who have different theories that, by not using the app for a while, when we do it again we will get a kind of boost in our score.
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Basically the way upload Snapchat score it is simply by entering frequently, using all the available tools and voila.

How to find your Snapchat score

We already have an idea of ​​how the Snapchat score is calculated; but if this is the first time you hear about this, then you may not have a clue where we can see it. So follow these steps so you can find your Snapchat score.


The first thing we will do is go to our profile. For this we will have to click on the profile icon that is in the left corner of the screen.

Snapchat score is calculated here

Next, we look for our Display Name just below the profile photo. A little further down we will find additional information. Between the user number and the sign, we will find the Snapchat score.

Snapshots sent and received.

By clicking on the Snapchat score, we can see two other numbers. These numbers represent the snapshots that we have sent and received.

Don’t try to do the math with the number of snapshots sent and received. They will not add to our score in any way that makes sense. One of the curiosities regarding how Snapchat works.

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