Windows 11 has with a clipboard history that we can use easily and very useful. Copying and pasting elements is something quite common that we have always been able to do. But imagine that you can access the last 25 copied items, would that be ok? For this we will have to enable and learn to use the clipboard history and luckily, it is too easy, we will teach you below.

Following this point, we also recommend applying some configurations for the recycle bin in Windows 11 that will allow us to customize its operation a little more. With these two functions, we can significantly improve our productivity.

Access and use clipboard history in Windows 11

In order to access the clipboard history in Windows 11, we will have to press the Windows + V key combination on our keyboard. We will see a pop-up menu in the lower right corner of the screen that will display a message that says “Let’s get started”. We’ll need to turn on clipboard history to copy and view different items. So we will click Activate to enable the history.

After enabling it, we will start copying items from our clipboard by selecting them and pressing Ctrl + C (we can also use the application menu). This Windows history allows up to 25 text, HTML, or image items that are 4 MB or less.

In order to view the list of saved items, we will have to press the Windows + V keys. Obviously, what we have recently copied, we will see at the top of the list.

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In the Clipboard History menu we can paste any of the elements that appear in the list by clicking on them. Windows will add it to the document or text field the same way it would if you pressed Ctrl + V or chose the right-click paste option.

If we want to delete an item from the history, we will have to click on the ellipsis button (three dots) next to the item and choose the recycle bin icon. In case you want to delete all the elements, we will click on Delete all at the top of the list.

In case we find something that we always want to keep available, we can leave it at the top of the list. For this we open the history with Windows + V and click on the pin icon.

How to disable it

In order to deactivate this function we will have to press Windows + i to access Settings, then we go to System> Clipboard. In the Clipboard History section, we will have to put the switch on Off.

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