On many occasions it can happen to us that when trying to access the router we realize that we we forgot the password, although it can also happen that, when trying to help a friend in his configuration, we find ourselves in this situation. Fortunately, it is relatively easy to get into the router despite this inconvenience.

Routers protect their interfaces with credentials, through these it is possible to configure network settings, parental control and port forwarding, among other things. Obviously, we can change the default username and password to something more secure, but it will be up to us to remember the credentials.

Find username and password

The first thing we are going to have to try, if we do not change the default credentials, is to look for the default username and password.

Users and default passwords of routers according to their models and brands.

We have several ways to achieve this, the easiest is to read the user manual. All routers have a user manual that we can use for different things, one of these is to search for credentials.

We can also find them on the back of the router in question, with an adhesive label, where the details to log in will appear along with the IP address that we must enter in our web browser.

Access the router if we forget the password

In case we have changed the access data or we cannot find it, the other option is to simply reset the router to factory settings. They all have a hidden button that we will have to press in order to restore their factory settings.

Reset button.

This will reset any kind of changes we might have made to the settings: forwarded ports, network settings, parental controls, passwords, etc. After the reboot, we will have the default username and password.

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The only bad thing about this method is that we will have to modify everything again and customize it. But at least we can get into the interface.

In case we do not know where the button is, we can again consult the user manual. If by some chance of life, we do not have the manual, the only option is to look for the model of the router on the internet and verify how it works depending on what we want to do.

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