To the enable airdrop on ios we can send and receive files between nearby devices like an iPad or Mac, so not to be confused with the Airdrop in Crypto. This function can be activated to use with our contacts or with all. Next, we are going to see all the steps that we must follow to be able to enable it and we will also see how to share files in a simple way.

Activate AirDrop on iOS

Activate AirDrop.

In order to activate AirDrop on our iPhone, the first thing we will have to do is launch the Settings application on our device. Next, let’s head over to General > AirDrop.


Once we are in the AirDrop section, we will find the following options:

  • Reception deactivated: we must select this option when we want it to remain deactivated.
  • Only contacts: as you say, we will only allow people that we have in our contacts to send us files.
  • Everyone: We enable AirDrop so everyone can discover our device and send files.

After enabling it, all the nearby compatible devices can be found and it will be very easy to exchange files.

Send files with AirDrop on iPhone

If we want to make use of this interesting feature to share files, the first thing we recommend is to change the name to be able to identify it more easily. Then we start the application in which the file we want to share is located. Let’s pretend we want to share an image, so we’ll open the Photos app.


Once in the photos application, we are going to find the photo or video that we want to share and we will open it. Now, we will have to go to the lower left corner of the screen and press the share icon (it is an arrow pointing up in a square).

Share via AirDrop.

A new menu appears with various sharing options. Here we will have to select an AirDrop-enabled device and be able to send the file.

The recipient will receive a notice to be able to accept or reject the request. So it would be ideal to notify you in advance that we are going to send the file in question.

In the same way, when they want to send us a file, a notification will appear asking us for confirmation before this file is sent to our device.

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