We can’t deny that add an resume yet document from Google Docs can be extremely helpful to readers. In this way, we can give a short introduction to what you can see in the document in question, we can even point out very important points. The abstract does not need to be added to the document itself, we do not need to edit it; we can add a summary in a special section, which we will see a little further down.

In this sense, we all agree that Google Docs has a huge number of useful tools to make our tasks easier when working with a document. From being able to track changes, which is perfect for teamwork and works great with a summary; going through grouping images, ideal for presenting several photos in one and saving space; to adding borders and color to the paragraphs to be able to render them if necessary.

Add a document summary in Google Docs

Outline icon.

The first thing we will have to do is visit Google Docs, log in and open the document in question. We will have to see the Scheme icon in the upper left, as we can see in the image that accompanies this article.

Show document outline.

In case we do not see it, we will have to go to View > Show document outline and in this way we will be able to visualize it.


Once we click on the Document Outline icon and we can see “Summary” at the top. To the right of “Summary” we will find a plus sign on which we will have to click. A text box will appear here to enter the summary.

Summary saved.

When we finish adding the summary, we are going to press “Enter” to save the changes. A message will appear at the bottom of the screen where we can see that the summary was successfully saved.

This is what the Google Docs summary will look like.

In the summary box we will not be able to format text, although we can add a line space if we think it is necessary. To be able to do this we will have to hold down the Shift key and then press Enter.

So we can edit a summary in a Google Docs document.

If we want to edit the summary later, we will have to move the cursor over it and click on the pencil icon, Edit summary. When edit mode is activated, the Summary box will appear blue.

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In case we want to delete or eliminate the summary, we will simply have to delete the text from the box and press Enter. In this way the summary disappears, as if we had never done it.

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