Instagram has different tools for content creators and business accounts that give the opportunity to share content more easily. It is very likely that you have seen some accounts post links in their stories. Is it possible add a link to a history from Instagram?

Previously, the feature was reserved only for those accounts that had more than 10,000 followers. Currently, this feature is available to all accounts, regardless of the number of followers.

Add link to an Instagram story

The option to add a link to an Instagram story is available on all accounts. Regardless of the number of followers we have, we can use the feature on an account published as private.

Link Sticker.
  • We copy the link that we want to share to the clipboard.
  • We open Instagram on our device.
  • We are going to create a new story, we can swipe to the right or click on our story if we don’t have any recently created.
  • Now we configure our history, we can take a photo on iPhone or Android, even look for a photo that we have in our gallery.
  • We click on the “Label” button at the top.
  • Of all the labels, we will have to choose the one that says “Link”.
  • This is where we will be able to add the link that we copied to the clipboard previously.
  • We change the size and move the sticker to where we want.
So we can add Instagram story link.

To finish, we are simply going to have to publish our story as we normally would.

How to open a link in an Instagram Story

Before, with the original option to add a link to a story, it was necessary for the user to slide the story up in order to access this link. The sticker works in a different way.

  • Let’s go to the story with the link.
  • We click once on the link label.
  • We click on the tooltip “Visit link”.
  • The website the link points to will open automatically.
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The link label will give us some information about which website we are going to enter. However, it is very important to be careful. If the web that we are going to visit is not popular, then we are in danger of being infected with a virus, as we always have private data stored, it is essential to protect the device from malware. We do not recommend visiting links from unknown or unreliable accounts.

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