Add and link bookmarks in Microsoft Word It is something that we can achieve in a very simple way, one could even say that it is very similar to saving web pages in favorites in Safari or any other web browser. After saving a bookmark, we have an easy way to access that place. To make bookmarks more useful, we can even create links to them from our Word document.

What are Word bookmarks for? They are really useful for navigating long documents, either for ourselves or for our readers. As we mentioned before, it is possible to link a bookmark within the text, by doing so, it is possible to jump directly to that location with a single click, which is ideal for going to different sections, text, images or tables.

Add and link bookmarks in Word

We start by going to the document where we want to create the bookmark. It is possible to position the cursor on the location or select the text, image, a table or any kind of element. All are valid!

Add bookmarks in Microsoft Word

Next, we are going to have to go to the Insert tab and look for the Bookmark option in the Links section.

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Add favourites.

Once the Bookmark box appears, we’ll need to add some descriptive name in the Bookmark Name field. After this, we are going to click on Add, so that the marker is placed in the list that we see on the screen, to finish, we will press close.

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How to go to a bookmark in a document

Choose marker.

We have the option to go to the Insert tab, then we go to Bookmarks and we can see all our bookmarks. We will have to choose one in the list and click on “Go” to jump to that specific marker.

Go to bookmark in Word.

Another thing that we can also do is go to the Home tab in Word, choose Search and go to Go. On Mac we can do it from Edit > Search > Go in the menu bar.

From the Go To tab, we will choose Bookmark in the small left sidebar, after this we will choose the name of the bookmark in the dropdown box on the right. Once we select the bookmark we want, we will have to click Go to.

Create a link to a bookmark in Word

We cannot deny that the options we have seen so far are quite good. However, we can simplify the use of bookmarks by creating links to them. Something that is really ideal for when we and our readers want to target a specific bookmark.

Select text and link.

For this we will have to select the text that we want to link to the marker. Then we will have to choose Link > Insert Link in the Insert tab or simply right click, choose Links and choose Insert Link from the context menu.

How to Add Bookmarks in Word

Now we are going to have to select Place in this document on the left side of the box, insert hyperlink that opens. In the case of using Mac, we will have to choose “This document”. Then, we expand the option that says Bookmarks and we are going to choose the bookmark we want.

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Alternatively, we can adjust the text to display at the top, which would need to be the same text that we selected for the link. So we click OK for the changes to be applied.

Link to a bookmark.

What we will do next is test the link in question. We proceed to click on the hyperlink and if we have done everything right, we should go to the marker that we linked to it previously. Depending on the configuration, in Windows we will have to hold down the Ctrl key + click to go to the bookmark.

Edit links.

In case we want to delete or edit the link to the bookmark at any time, we will simply have to right click on the link and choose the action we want to perform, it works in the same way as any hyperlink.

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