On many occasions we find websites that have the information we need or simply offer us quality content and we do not want to lose the site. Remembering all the websites we visit is an impossible task; To solve this, we have the possibility of add bookmarks and favorites in safari on iPhoneIt is something very easy to achieve.

This function is available in all web browsers and works in a similar way, we can even save places on Google Maps as favorites. It is an excellent function to save our favorite websites in a safe place.

Save bookmarks and favorites in Safari on iPhone

  • The first thing we will do is open Safari and visit the website that we want to add in bookmarks or favorites from our iPhone.
  • Next, we will have to press the Share button that is shaped like a square with an arrow.
  • We will press the “Add bookmark” button.
Add to favorites or bookmarks.
  • In “Add bookmark”, we will have the option to edit the name of the bookmark, we can even modify the URL if necessary; all we have to do is press any of the editable fields and add what we want.
  • If we need the bookmark to be in the default Favorites folder, we just press “Save”. On the other hand, if we are going to organize them by folder, we can press “Favorites” and then we will choose a folder, we can even create a new one.
How to Use Bookmarks and Favorites in Safari on an iPhone
  • If we save the bookmark in a default folder, we will see that it appears in the list of favorites when we open Safari or a new tab, which will allow us to quickly access the bookmarked site.
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Difference Between Favorites and Bookmarks

When we click on the Share button, we will see two options: bookmarks and favorites. The favorite folder is the default location where bookmarks are saved, although it can be a bit confusing at first.

To briefly summarize it, favorites are a kind of bookmark. If we save a bookmark in the favorite folder we can see this page from a new Safari tab and we will have a little faster access to it. However, if we decide to save it in a folder created by us, we will have a little more organization.

Likewise, adding to favorites is the same as adding a bookmark. The only difference is the one mentioned in the previous paragraph.

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