By now we all know what Microsoft OneNote is and what it is for. We can take notes as if it were a notebook, but digitally, it allows us to organize these notes into different categories and keep everything in order. We can even add hyperlinks and sketch images. It is even possible add shapes in OneNote and that is what we are going to see a little further down.

How to insert shapes in OneNote

Insert shapes in OneNote
  • We start OneNote.
  • We click on the Draw tab in the menu bar.
  • In the menu we are going to choose a form.
  • We will have three categories of shapes to select from: lines, basic shapes, and graphics.

Add color to shape outline

Add color to shape outline

Another thing we can do is add color to the outline of shapes:

  • We’ll need to make sure the shape is selected and head over to the Pen gallery.
  • We will click on a pen and select a color from the menu.
  • It is also possible to change the ink width of the pen.

How to group shapes in OneNote

Group shapes in OneNote
  • We’re going to click the Lasso Select button on the Draw tab and draw this over the shapes.
  • Then we’re going to right click and choose Group from the menu and the shape will be grouped.

How do I write inside a shape in OneNote?

  • We insert a shape into the OneNote notebook.
  • We will click inside the shape and we will see a mini text box.
  • Now we’re going to type inside the mini text box and click outside.
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In OneNote we will find tools to draw sketches of shapes, lines and images. We even have different tools that will help us with our drawings, such as pens, highlighters, erasers and many more things.

What is the difference between OneNote and OneDrive?

Believe it or not, many people do not know the difference between the two, perhaps it is because of the similar name. But the difference is enormous; OneNote is for taking notes and saving them digitally, while OneDrive is a cloud storage service.

Both can work together perfectly, because they are Microsoft services and are perfectly integrated. In this way, we can save all our notes in the cloud.

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