After change the language on your PC, it might be a good idea to adjust regional settings in Windows 11, too. This can help set the correct keyboard settings, number formatting, and other important regional settings for your PC.

However, there are other reasons to adjust regional settings in Windows 11. It allows content such as games, apps, and movies from your region to be displayed in the Microsoft Store. You can adjust your regional settings to display the time, date, number, or currency in a different format. It is also possible that you made a mistake during the initial setup of Windows 11 and want to correct it.

In this guide, we will show you some methods that you can use to adjust regional settings in Windows 11.

How to adjust regional settings in Windows 11

Whether you made a mistake during initial setup or want to adjust your region settings for other reasons, you can.

To change system regional settings in Windows 11, follow these steps:

  1. Click on Start to open the Start menu and select Setting. Alternatively, use the Windows key + I keyboard shortcut to open Settings directly.
  2. When Settings opens, click the option time and language from the list on the left and in the option Language and region right.
  3. Next, in the section Region, select the country or region you want to adjust to from the drop-down menu.
  4. You can optionally select the region format. However, the recommended option should be sufficient.

Once you change your locale, it will apply to your entire operating system and apps, including the Microsoft Store. It’s also important to note that sometimes Microsoft adds a new app or feature that will only be available in certain regions.

If you want to use the new feature, you’ll need to change the regional settings that apply to the region.

How to adjust regional format settings in Windows 11

If you want to change the regional format settings in Windows 11, follow these steps:

  1. Click Start or the Windows key and open the Setting. Alternatively, use Windows Key + I to open Settings.

  1. In Settings, select time and language on the left.
  2. On the right, tap Language and region.

  1. then click region format to expand the section and press the button change formats.

  1. You’ll see different regional format options that you can change in the list, including the first day of the week, short date format, short time format, and others. Select your preferred options from the options provided.

After making the changes, you will see how they are applied to the Windows 11 system and third-party applications. If something doesn’t look or feel right, you can go back and adjust the options further.

How to adjust advanced regional settings in Windows 11

There may be a case where you need to change advanced locale settings, including currency, time and date, and others.

To adjust advanced regional settings in Windows 11:

  1. Click Start and open Setting on the menu. Or, use the keyboard shortcut Windows key + I to open Settings
  2. When Settings opens, go to Time and language > Language and region.

  1. Now scroll down to the Related Settings and click Administrative language settings.

  1. When the window opens Region, click on the tab Formats and then on the button Additional settings.

  1. Make any regional changes you need in the tab Numbers.

  1. Select the tab Coin and make the settings for the regional currency you want to use.

  1. Click on the tab Hour and select the regional time format you want to use.

  1. Choose the format of Date and make the changes to the regional date format that you want to use.
  2. Once you have adjusted the advanced regional settings, make sure to click Apply and To accept for the changes to take effect.
  3. You can reset changes you make to system defaults in case you make a mistake. To restore the default system settings, click the button Restore located in the lower left corner.
  4. Click on Yes in the verification dialog to confirm.

Configuring regional settings in Windows 11

There are a variety of reasons why you might want to adjust your regional settings in Windows 11. You might want access to a new app or feature that Microsoft only releases in specific countries. There could be some settings you chose during the initial Windows setup that you want to change. Or maybe you’re traveling and prefer the country locale.

The good thing is that changing the locale through the Settings app is a simple process by following the steps above.

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