Automatically forward an email in Outlook It is a considerably useful tool to avoid missing any kind of mail wherever we are. Forwarding is usually set as a rule set up in mail that tells you to forward any mail to the address we set up.

Automatically forward an email in Outlook is Microsoft’s free email service, once known as Hotmail. In order to use the service, we must enter the web browser and access the official Web; we will log in with our account and we can proceed with the guide.


Once we are inside the main Outlook page, we will have to click on the gear-shaped icon in the upper right corner.

All Outlook Options.

In this small window that opens, we are going to have to select See all Outlook settings.

Configure Forwarding

We’re going to click Forwarding and then we’ll set up the forwarding address.

How to do it automatically in Outlook 365

Many companies and people use Outlook 365 because it is not only online; we also save those huge initial investments required by the installed versions of the office suite.

So, Outlook 365 is a part of Office 365, which is a subscription-based version of Office that offers different cloud services like: Outlook, Excel, Word, etc. Additionally, it offers the possibility of using our own domain name.


We start by logging in with our account of Office 365, then we will click on Rules at the top.

Edit rules.

A small window opens with a couple of options, the one that interests us is the one that says Edit rules.

New rule.

We are going to have to click on the + symbol at the bottom. PC users will be able to see the inbox rules, we’ll select that and then New.

Send to.

We will have to assign a name to this new rule, configure the parameters and then we will click on Forward to.

Automatically forward Outlook 365 email

We will enter the forwarding address and we will click OK.

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Something that we must take into account is that, depending on where we are, Outlook 365 differs in some options. In some we will have to select Options, then accounts and Connected accounts, for example.

Similarly, not all Outlook 365 settings require us to select Connected Accounts, just a few. Despite being a globally used product, different Outlook 365 suites may look somewhat different.

Finally, if we need to deactivate automatic message forwarding, we will only have to repeat the first steps and cancel the rule selection.

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