We receive a lot of emails on a daily basis and the inbox can end up as a mess. How do we find the emails that need our attention first? It’s very easy, we can move automatically emails to one file from Outlook and in this way, have everything more organized. A little further down we are going to show you how is the process to achieve it.

Automatically move emails to a specific folder in Microsoft Outlook

Create folder.

We start the Microsoft Outlook desktop application. Once started, we will have to create a folder if we have not created it yet; for this we are going to right click on our username, select the option “New folder” and put the name we want it to have.

Next, we will have to open the email of the specific sender which we want the messages to be in the created folder. For this we simply double click on the email, it will open in a new window.

Create new rule.

After opening it, we go to the “Messages” tab at the top and then we go to Rules> Create rule.

Set up a new rule in Outlook

Create rules.

A new window “Create rule” opens, where we will have to activate the “From (Sender’s name)” check box. We can also activate the checkbox “The subject contains”; If we select this box, only the emails with that particular subject will be moved to the specific folder. If we want to move all emails from the sender, regardless of the subject, then the “Subject contains” checkbox is not marked.

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Next, we will activate the “Move items to folder” check box. After this, we are going to have to choose the folder to which we want to move all those messages. For that we will have to click on “Select folder” and we will choose the folder from the list that is displayed. If we have not created a folder before, from this section we can create one by clicking “New”.

When we click on “Advanced Options”, we can set conditions to move emails to the folder. When we finish configuring everything, we simply click “OK”.

After this, a pop-up message will appear saying “Rule has been created”. In the pop-up message, we will see a “Run this rule now on messages that are already in the current folder” checkbox. If we choose this check box; This rule will apply to all email messages that we have received from this particular sender and Outlook will move everything automatically.

Once we click accept, we have already created the rule. From that moment, Outlook will move all the messages to the folder we created.

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