• Amazon Photos is one of the best platforms that we have right now if we want to manage complete photo albums and, among its features, are backup copies
  • Carrying out these backup procedures is essential so that, if something happens, we can continue enjoying those images that are impossible to repeat, taking them with us everywhere

Ever since Google Photos stopped being a free cloud storage, many users have searched for new options in the market to save their photographic contents. Without going any further, Amazon Photos is one of them. However, If you want to make sure that all your important images are safe in the event of an eventuality, nothing better than carrying out a backup in Amazon Photos.

The thing is, Amazon makes it easy to store your favorite photos and videos through the Amazon Photos app. Currently, it offers unlimited storage of photos in maximum resolution, and up to 5 GB of videos as part of its Prime version. The other members, the non-subscribers, have a total of 5 GB between photos and videos. Whoever you are, it is essential to complete backups from time to time so as not to lose anything.

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How to activate backups in Amazon Photos

From the desktop app

By following a few you can save and back up your photos and videos with the native Windows app from the folks at Amazon Photos, allowing you to manage and access them wherever you want.

  • Open the Amazon Photos desktop app and sign in with your credentials
  • Under Backup, select Add a folder to backup
  • Next, select the folder you want to backup and some preferences
  • When you are totally satisfied, press Save
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Once the image backup is properly stored, you can delete the files.

From the mobile app

You can also download photos and videos using the Amazon Photos mobile app on your iOS or Android device.

  • Open the Amazon Photos mobile app and sign in with your credentials
  • Press on the photo or photos you want to download until they are verified
  • Click on the three dots icon in the upper right corner, and download them
  • Once they have been downloaded, they will be stored in Files

If there is already a photo on the device that is being used, it is very possible that the Download option will not be displayed. As well it is worth noting that it is not possible to download full albums. If you want to download and save multiple photos within an album, you must open the album and select all the images you want to download.

Also, if you accidentally select a photo that you don’t want to download, you can deselect the checked item by tapping it again. Namely, the customization of the images that you can download is absolute.

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Enabling auto save on Android

Amazon Photos also allows users to save every photo they take or video they record by turning on the auto-save feature within the mobile app, which makes sense on a trip, for example.

  • Open the Amazon Photos mobile app and sign in with your credentials
  • Once in your profile, select Photo Settings
  • Scroll down and select Auto Save
  • Within Auto Save, activate the categories or albums that should be saved automatically
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You can also set your upload preferences, such as auto-save over mobile data, auto-save videos over WiFi only, and others that could be very useful.

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