when we use PowerToys it is very important to know how Create a backup Y restore your settings. We are talking about a set of free utilities that we can install on our operating system that will allow us to be more productive and efficient. Microsoft PowerToys has very interesting and useful functions such as renaming files in bulk, color picker, adjust advantages with FacyZones, reassign keys and shortcuts, add utilities to the mouse, etc.

Backup and restore PowerToys settings

PowerToys configuration backup

The need to create a backup copy of the PowerToys configuration and restore it is very important, especially in situations where we want to restore the Windows 10 computer. Having a backup copy and knowing how to restore it will help us save a lot of money. of time and effort.

  • We click on the Start button.
  • We write PowerToys and give Enter.
  • In PowerToy Settings, we go to the left sidebar and click on General.
  • In General Settings, we are going to find Backup and Restore Settings.
  • We will click on Backup.

When the backup is completed successfully, we will see a notification. What information does the backup have? Various details like file name, status, date it was created, from the device it was created etc.

The resulting file is saved by default in the following location C:UserDocumentsPowerToysBackup.

In case we want to change the backup location, we will have to click on Browse and we will choose a new location on our computer.

Restore PowerToys Settings

In reality, restoring PowerToys settings is almost as simple as creating the backup. This is something that we are going to see next:

  • Click on start, write PowerToys and click on the app.
  • Once open, we go to Settings on the left sidebar and click on General.
  • In General Settings, we are going to go to Backup and Restore Settings.
  • Finally, we click on Restore.
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That would be all. When the PowerToys configuration is finished being restored, we will see a notification that will inform us that the process has finished successfully.

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