• We may not realize it, but Google has a lot of information our on their servers
  • Making a backup of this data is an effective way to stay calm
  • Takeout is the function developed by Google to facilitate the protection of this content

If you often read our articles, you have probably already learned about the importance of backup. Indeed, this recommendation is valid for almost everything, but in some cases we believe that it is directly unavoidable. For example, it is relevant to know that Making a backup of your Google account is essential if you want to be sure that your data remains safe. But what are the steps to follow?

Well, the first thing we should mention in this regard is that bad things on the Internet happen all the time. It can be a real headache for those users who entrust a good part of their lives to Google. After all, we use La Gran G programs for almost everything: Gmail, Drive, Photos and others.

In other words, it is enough that there is a problem with our Google account so that our entire virtual existence is at risk of disappearing. As a consequence of what has been said, There are multiple justifications for doing a proactive local backup of your Google data. Above all, of course, if you suspect any activity.

The interesting thing is that Google is aware that we may be interested in this procedure and, therefore, makes the Takeout function available to us, which is specially developed for backups.

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How to backup my Google data?

Carrying out a backup of your Google data is not a complicated tutorial in the least. Fortunately, we can customize many of the essential aspects of this procedure.

  • go to myaccount.google.com and enter the Privacy and personalization section
  • Once there, go to Manage your data and privacy and Download or delete your data
  • Select Download your data, which will immediately take you to the Takeout page

Keep in mind that you can only download the data of specific accounts by deselecting any of them. All appear at the top of the page, so you can review the list whenever you want.

google account backup 2

On the other hand, note that the first option, Access log activity, is not automatically checked. This is so downloads don’t slow down too much, so you can leave it that way.

Once you’ve set the sources you want to download data from, verify that it’s correct. Remember that the more sources, the longer it will take to download of the information to be completed. Also, the larger the resulting files will be, so don’t forget about it.

google account backup 3

Google account backup save details

Continuing with the details of this step by step, you will notice that some of the categories or applications in the section have a button that says All XX Data Included, where XX is the name of the app. Eventually, this allows you to get rid of content that may not be as important.

For the rest, you can decide how you want to receive your data, by clicking on the small arrow that says “Delivery method” to see the options available to you, including a download link accessible directly by email, or by adding the data to your Drive storage account.

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google account backup 5

You also have the ability to choose to export your data just once or every two months, up to a year in total. You can even choose the compression format, type .zip or .tgz, and the size in which you want the file. Whenever the file exceeds the maximum allowed, it will be split into several so that there are no obstacles.

When you give it the OK, you will see the progress at the bottom of the Takeout page until it is finished. You should back up your Google data at some point when you have time. Actually, this process can take a little longer than we would like, so it becomes somewhat annoying.

Were you able to carry out your Google account backup with this tutorial?

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