• Eventually, in a videoconference you may prefer that the other attendees cannot clearly see what objects are behind you, where you are or who is passing behind you
  • For added peace of mind, Zoom allows you to blur or blur the background from its Settings

Among all the video call applications that gained notoriety during the confinement to overcome the Covid-19 pandemic, Zoom is undoubtedly the one that made the best use of it to become indispensable at home. Many of us adopt it and have continued to use it when doing home office, so blurring the background in Zoom can be a good idea if you don’t want others to be seeing where you are, or what’s behind.

In the end, privacy is an increasingly common concern for users, so it makes sense that no one else knows what our home is like, how tidy or messy it is, and other personal issues.

Thinking about this need, Zoom developers decided to update their application in February 2021, adding a function that allows us to blur or blur the background, as this process is also known.

blur background Zoom 1.5

Why would anyone want to blur the background on Zoom?

Considering that Zoom allows you to participate in virtual meetings literally from anywhere, you may be interested in nobody knows where you are at that moment, or what you are doing with your life. Even when you have not left your office or home, you have every right to preserve your privacy.

How to blur the background in Zoom on your PC?

Something that we must thank Zoom for is that we can blur the background before starting the video call, as once we start it, which gives us greater freedom when choosing how to see each other.

Before starting the video call

For enable background blur before a meeting on macOSWindows or Linux, do this:

  • In the Zoom desktop client, that is, the application, click on the profile picture and go to Settings
  • Once Settings is open, go to Backgrounds & Filters, and click on Blur to darken the background

In case you cannot find the Virtual Background tab despite having enabled it on the web, log out, log back in, always in the Zoom desktop app and checkas it should now appear.

The video call has already started

If what you want is blur the background during a video call in progressdo this:

  • Click the up arrow button in the lower left corner next to Start/Stop Video
  • Select Blur my background to activate the blur background
blur background Zoom 2

Other aspects to consider

Now that you know how to blur the background in Zoom, we think it’s also important for you to know what implications this setting has for your experience in one of the best video calling apps.

For example, once you’ve selected a blurred background, this will be the default background in the future. You can only undo it if you first choose the None option, in the virtual backgrounds section of the service.

Is it possible to blur the background from the mobile?

There are probably many users who are wondering if it is possible to blur the background from the mobile as well. Whenever you are in the middle of a video conference from your smartphone, you can blur what is behind. You just have to follow a series of steps that are not difficult at all, as you will see below.

  • In the Zoom meeting via the mobile app, tap More on the controls
  • Select Virtual Background on Android, or Filters on iOS, then Blur
  • Your call background will automatically blur

Finally, and in case you cannot see the Blur option, check if you have the latest available version of Zoom, as many times it may not be updated to the latest and may be missing features. Make sure you have version 5.9.3 or higher of this video call platform.

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