Like all modern web browsers, it is possible save web pages on favorites on Safarithe browser of iOS and Mac. There is a small difference between the two and that is what we are going to explain a little further down.

It is even possible to save the pages in Safari and then import the bookmarks to Google Chrome, Firefox or Opera. Thanks to bookmarks, we can quickly access different websites that interest us; in this simple way we can leave content that interested us for later and not risk losing the site.

Save a web page in Safari bookmarks on iOS (iPhone)

Bookmark a website in Safari on iOS.
  • The first thing we will have to do is open the web page that we are interested in having in the bookmarks.
  • Next, we’ll press the Share button (it’s the square with an arrow).
  • Click on “Add bookmark”.
  • In the “Add a bookmark” section, we can edit the name of the bookmark and even modify the URL address if necessary; it’s as simple as clicking on one of the fields and simply typing.
  • If we want to add the bookmark to Favorites, we will click on “Save”, it will do so by default.
  • Instead, if we want to choose a different folder, we click on “Favorites” and we will choose another folder, we can also create a new one.
Add a web to Safari bookmarks.

When we save the bookmark in the default folder, that is in “Favorites”, it will automatically appear in the list of favorites when we open a new tab. In this way we can quickly access the web page that we save.

What are bookmarks and favourites? What is the difference between them?

When we are going to press the Share button, we can find the option to add a bookmark, but also that of a favorite. Considering that the Favorites folder is the default location for saving bookmarks, this can be confusing.

Favorite websites safari iOS

Favorites are another kind of folder, albeit a special one. When we add a website to favorites, it will appear in a new tab, at a glance, which will allow us to quickly access it without having to access the bookmarks.

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When we create a new folder and do not save that website in favorites, we will not see it at a glance in a new tab. We will have to navigate beyond the “Favorites” folder to be able to find the web that we have saved.

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