• If you are not sure, or have regretted it, you can always cancel an Amazon purchase
  • It is best to do it before it is shipped or, otherwise, you may have to wait to receive it if it has already been shipped or if the seller does not allow cancellations for that product or item
  • Even in these latter cases, or if your cancellation request is rejected, you always have the possibility of returning the product or item once you have it in your hands to get the money back.

Many of us spend many of the free minutes we have each day, taking a look at the different products and items on Amazon, looking for the odd good deal to take advantage of it. Eventually, that means that, in certain cases, we will act more on impulse than reason. Exactly for that, If you’ve just regretted a purchase, we’ll show you how to cancel an Amazon order before it’s shipped to save you hassle. And if you can’t cancel it, we’ll show you how to return it.

This phenomenon, known as “buyer’s remorse,” is something we’ve all been through, and it can be explained by the anxiety we get to see that some product or item may be cheaper than before, even when we don’t really need it. Fortunately, it is contemplated and we can always return it to Amazon.

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As you can see, our recommendation if you have doubts about it is that you cancel the order as soon as you regret it, and If it has not yet left the distribution center to your home, better, it will be all simpler.

How to cancel an Amazon order

Our first attempt will be, as we have said, to cancel an Amazon order before it ships.. There are two methods to do this, which depend on whether we are accessing from a web browser or your mobile app.

From your website

  • Enter the Amazon page from this link, and then to your account
  • Go to Returns and Orders, in the upper right corner
  • There, in Your orders, find the order to cancel
  • Select a reason or reason for cancellation, even when it is not insured
  • When you have written the reason or reason, click on Cancel selected items
  • You will go to a confirmation screen, receiving an email with details
  • Later, you will receive a second email, confirming the cancellation, or the impossibility of doing it

It is good to note that, in general, that second email should have a one hour delay, approximately.

From your mobile application

  • Open the Amazon Shopping application on your smartphone, be it iOS or Android
  • Click on the icon with three horizontal lines, in the lower right corner
  • In the following menu, click on Your orders, and select the order to cancel
  • Click on Cancel items, and then on Cancel marked items
  • After a few minutes, you will receive the same two emails that we mentioned before
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Again, the second of the emails should take about an hour, not too much longer.

cancel order Amazon 2

And how do you return an Amazon order if you can’t cancel it?

Of course, a cancellation request may also be unsuccessful, and we tried to warn you of that at the beginning of the article. There are different reasons and reasons for this, such as that the package has been sent, that the third-party seller does not allow it, or that they have seen the request too late.

It’s not something you need to worry about anyway, considering that Amazon generally has pretty lax product return policies, so you will always find a way to undo the purchase.

For example, in the Christmas campaign, Amazon gives its buyers more than 30 days to return their items or products, getting a full refund, enough time not to think twice.

Secondly, When you go to buy from third parties that work through Amazon, our suggestion is that you review all the details related to their Return Policy, because it can change.

Still, check out Amazon’s Return Policies on its own. official website to know more.

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