• Although it is true that by doing so you will not be able to play some tracks within the service, and that you will lose access to Amazon Music HD and its contents, you may still want to leave Amazon Music
  • The procedure to unsubscribe is not complicated at all, and you can complete it from PC apps

As you probably know by now, we have a wide range of music platforms to listen to our favorite bands and songs: Spotify, YouTube Music, Apple Music or why not Amazon Music. Now, if the Amazon music service does not convince you, or if you want to try your luck with another of those mentioned, then you better learn how to cancel an unlimited Amazon Music subscription.

Fortunately, you can unsubscribe from this service from any of its platforms and applications, thus avoiding having to continue paying for it when you have come to the conclusion that it no longer serves you or you prioritize another.

And what happens if you cancel your unlimited Amazon Music subscription?

As soon as you cancel your unlimited Amazon Music subscription, you will be able to enjoy all Premium content until the end of that payment cycle, that month in advance. Thereafter, there will be tracks that you will not be able to play within the service. In addition, you will lose access to Amazon Music HD and its contents..

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Cancel an Unlimited Amazon Music Subscription Step by Step

On desktop, through the browser

You can cancel an unlimited Amazon Music subscription on your desktop, through the browser, on a MacOS, Windows, Linux or Chromebook computer.. Nor does it matter which browser is in question.

  • Open your browser and go to Amazon
  • Once there, log in with your account
  • In the upper right corner, go to Account and lists
  • In the submenu that appears, click on Memberships and subscriptions
  • You will see your Amazon Music Unlimited subscription and, next to it, the Cancel subscription button
  • At this point, Amazon will get a little heavy wondering why you want to unsubscribe and, as usual, you will have to select a reason before finally hitting the Submit button and continue to cancel.
  • According to your previous choice, you will see options that will try to keep you within the service
  • If you are not convinced, you just have to click on Continue to cancel
  • You will be taken to a last page, and click on Confirm cancellation to unsubscribe

It is very important that you get to this last step because, if you do not, the withdrawal will not be taken, and you will continue to pay every month. If you don’t pay attention to your cards, you could lose money mindlessly.

unsubscribe Amazon Music 2

From the Android application

Too you can cancel your Amazon Music subscription from an Android phone, thus:

  • Open the Amazon Music app on your smartphone
  • In the upper right corner, enter the Settings menu
  • In the menu that will open, select Settings
  • In Settings go to Your account, and go to Amazon Music Unlimited Member
  • You will enter the Amazon Music Unlimited section, and you must scroll to the bottom of the screen
  • Down there, you will see the options for Subscription Renewal and, within it, Cancel subscription
  • You then have to choose a reason for cancellation, and Send and continue to cancel
  • On the next page, hit Continue to Cancel and finally Confirm Cancellation
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Only when you are done with all this procedure will you be exempt from paying for Amazon Music.

unsubscribe Amazon Music 3

From the iOS / iPad OS application

And also you can cancel your Amazon Music subscription from an iPhone phone or iPad tablet, So:

  • Open the Settings section of your iPhone
  • In Settings, click on the name of your Apple account
  • Within Apple ID, you will have the possibility to see the Subscriptions
  • Search for Amazon Music Unlimited and press Cancel subscription to cancel it

As you can see, Canceling an Unlimited Amazon Music Subscription on iPhone and iPad is Easier.

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