We cannot deny that YouTube Premium has several features that are really worth paying for. One of the most important is the absence of ads in the videos or the possibility of playing them without having to have an internet connection. However, if we do not spend as much time on the platform as we imagine or simply want to try another service, it is time to cancel youtube premium and achieving this is very easy.

In the following guide we will see how easy it is to cancel this service that, despite being quite good, may not be what we need anymore and we can choose to try other similar services, perhaps some streaming service to watch series and movies online.

Cancel YouTube Premium

We can’t deny that YouTube’s Premium service offers good value for money. Although that value will depend a lot on what we use the service. So we will see how to cancel it in case we no longer need it.

Cancel YouTube Premium

The first thing we will have to do is open YouTube Premium on our device. We are going to click on the profile photo that is in the upper corner, then we go to Purchases and memberships and we will select the membership that we want to cancel, in this case YouTube Premium.

We click on Deactivate and choose Pause instead in case we do not need the membership for a small period of time. Otherwise, we will choose Continue to cancel.

Confirm cancellation.

We choose the reason why we want to cancel it and click Next. We will see that a new confirmation window appears. We click on Yes and cancel.

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YouTube Premium is an amazing service that offers up to 4K playback and a variety of features that make using the service easy and convenient on many devices. However, there may come a time when we decide that it is better to turn the page and try other similar services.

Obviously, we will continue to enjoy the Premium benefits until the end of the current billing cycle. In case we want to reactivate the subscription, we can do it from the same section. If we were using the free trial, we will not have to pay a penny. However, if we were already subscribed, the money will not be refunded.

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