Catch fish in Animal Crossing: New Horizons It is one of the funniest and most rewarding activities that we will find in this addictive video game. The problem is that the fun can quickly turn to frustration if we don’t know exactly what to do in order to catch the right kind of fish.

There are different types of fish in New Horizons, which have different values, unlike bamboo and clay. Obviously, the rarer and more valuable it is, the more rewards we will have. In this guide we are going to see everything we need to know to catch fish.

Catch fish in Animal Crossing New Horizons accurately

Actually, the fishing itself is too simple, it’s as simple as making a fishing rod and casting it near a moving fish. Once the fish starts nibbling and submerging, press the A button at the right time to reel it in.

However, there are several tips that we can offer you on this subject to improve our fishing skills and obtain better results.

The fish that we are going to find will depend on the part of the island in which we are, be it a river, pond, shore, waterfall or even the shore of a river. We can search for a specific type of fish in a certain area by scaring the other fish. This is achieved by repeatedly removing the lure or running along the water’s edge to make noise. The game will spawn fish in that radius.

The fishing location and the shadow of the fish are enough to know what type of fish we can expect. We will cast the line in front of a fish when we see it; Otherwise, it will be difficult for the fish to notice it, we must consider another factor: not all fish have the same visibility.

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So we are going to have to focus on the sound and vibration of the Nintendo Switch when we throw the lure. The view of the fish aiming at a bite will not help us to reach the level of precision that we really need. The best thing here, believe it or not, is to close our eyes to focus better.

The fish can only bite five times maximum, after this it is released and will be free unless we catch it in time. Another thing that we are going to have to consider is that the time of day and the year affect the type of fish that will reproduce in a specific area, this is something that we must take into consideration.

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