In a world where technology advances at an alarming rate and we are surrounded by it, whether we want to or not, maintaining our privacy becomes a daunting task. When we use the internet, we are exposing our physical location and the possibility of tracking our online activity. We can avoid this by change location on macsomething that we are going to see in detail in this article.

Actually, for whatever reason, it is not complicated at all to change our location on Mac. In this way, we will be able to keep our real location private and also access sites that are blocked for our country, for example.

Change location on Mac via router

In this case, we are going to use ExpressVPN that we can download from its website, it is a reliable and secure VPN. Once downloaded, we will have to proceed to install it as we would with any other application.

Current location on our Mac.

Once installed, we proceed to open it and we will immediately see that we have already selected an ideal location for us. The app does it automatically, although we can change it without problems.

Modify default setting.

If we want to choose a location manually, we will have to click on the three-dot button to select that location. That menu opens two options: recommended and all locations.

All available locations.

Obviously, if we want to choose a specific location, we will have to click on All locations. In this way, we can choose a specific city or region.

Choose location on Mac.

So let’s proceed to select the location that we would like to use.

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And that would be it, there is not much else to do. It is also possible to save our favorite locations from the application to use them later without having to constantly search the huge list available.

Using Chrome with an extension

ExpressVPN also has a Chrome extension to protect our privacy that we can use to change the location on Mac. The first thing we will need to do is have the ExpressVPN desktop app installed and the Google Chrome browser.

Change location on Mac using Google Chrome.

We then turn to log in with our account and select Google Chrome.

Get extension.

We are going to click on Get extension, which will take us to the Chrome store to install it automatically in the browser.

Add to browser.

When we are in the store we are going to click on the blue button that is in the upper right part of the screen, which says Add to Chrome.

Install virtual private network extension.

We will see that a pop-up window appears asking us if we really want to install the extension, here we are going to click on the Add extension button.

Open VPN in Chrome.

Once installed, in order to use it we will have to click on the ExpressVPN icon that we will find right next to the address bar in the web browser.

Default location.

When we open it, we will see that it automatically connects to a default location that is chosen depending on several factors.

Turn on VPN.

The button at the top is to activate and deactivate the VPN within the browser. To activate it, we press this button and if we want to deactivate it, we will press the same button again.

Change location on Mac.

In case we want to change the location, all we have to do is click on the three-point icon to the right of the current location.

So we can change our location on Mac from Chrome.

A small window opens where we will see two tabs: Recommended and All locations. Here we can go to All locations and choose the region that interests us the most.

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When using the ExpressVPN extension, it is important to bear in mind that this VPN will be in charge of protecting all our internet traffic, not just that of our web browser.

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